Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2019-53

First Reading: via E-mail on April 9, 2019
Second Reading:
 April 22, 2019

Proposed Courses

ARS    370      The Art of the Comic

ARS    403      Art of the Aztec Empire

ARS    503      Art of the Aztec Empire

BIO     407     Novel Ecosystems

BIO     551      Cell Biotechnology

CAP    335     Addiction Group Counseling

EXW   510     Obesity Perspectives and Prescriptions

IFT      310     Information Systems Project Development

IFT      360      Applications in Artificial Intelligence

JMC    419      Strategic Communications Leadership and Ethics

JUS     530      Social Policy, Critical Advocacy and Disability

LIN     597      MTESOL Capstone

MSC    552      Popular Music Industry Studies II

NUR    533      Nursing Concepts: Childbearing Family

NUR    542      Readiness to Practice

NUR    610      Genomics and Population Health | CL: Add HCR 610

OGL    556      Leadership for Wicked Environmental Problems

OGL    558      Leading Organizational Innovation

OGL    559      Modeling Systems and Stakeholders

OGL    565      The Future of Work and Organizations

OGL    569      Indigenous Leadership and Diplomacy

PHS     115      The Science of Musical Instruments



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