Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2020-01

First Reading: via E-mail on August 27, 2019
Second Reading:
September 09, 2019
Proposed Courses:

AME 333 Improvising Cyborgs

ARB 427 Arabic Prose: (Reading the Arabian Nights)

DCE 205 How Dance Matters: A Sociocultural Framing

DCE 403 Making. Living. Thriving Through the Arts

DCE 435 Contemporary Ballet IV

ENG 409 Analyzing Rhetoric

ETH 433 Race and Sexualities in Social Justice Movements | CL: Add WST 433

FOR 560 Quantitative Methods in Forensic Science Research

HSD 512 Solar Energy Policy Workshop

HSD 521 Writing True Stories that Matter

IAL 501 Principles of Character-Driven Leadership

IAL 502 The Making of U.S. National Security Policy

IAL 503 Applied International Leadership: Case Studies

IAL 504 U.S. Diplomacy in Action: The Embassy Country Team

IAL 505 The Modern Global Economy: Dollars and Sense

IAL 508 Transatlantic Relations: Does Europe Still Matter?

IAL 509 Western Hemisphere: Good Neighbors, Tough Challenges

IAL 511 Human Rights and Real Politik

IAL 512 Setting the Global Counterterrorism Agenda

IAL 514 Transnational Challenges: Combatting Human Trafficking

IAL 560 Capstone

LAW 669 Bar Exam Prep

LAW 717 Reproduction, Reproductive Technologies and the Law

LAW 726 Indian Legal Research

LAW 727 International Legal Research

LAW 728 The State Attorneys General

LAW 730 Appellate Advocacy

LAW 731 High-Tech Licensing

LAW 732 Patent Preparation and Prosecution

POS 379 The Resource Curse

REL 413 Sacred Crimes: Religion and Violence | CL: Add CRJ 423, FOR 413

SDO 503 Professional Writing and Communication: Masters

SDO 531 Employment Law: Masters

SDO 541 HR and Employment Law: Masters

SDO 542 Regulation of Small Businesses: Masters

SDO 543 Business Relationships: Masters

SDO 544 Evidence: Masters

SDO 547 Land Use Regulation: Masters

SDO 548 Water Law: Masters

SDO 549 Family Law: Masters

SDO 551 Duties, Obligations and Rights in the Workplace: Masters

SDO 552 Employment Discrimination: Masters

SDO 555 Professional Sports Law: Masters

SDO 556 Sports Analytics: Masters

SDO 557 Sports Business Strategy: Masters

SDO 558 Copyright Law: Masters

SDO 559 Trademark and Unfair Competition Law: Masters

SDO 566 Advanced Topics in Sports Law: Masters

SDO 567 Advanced Topics in Criminal Law: Masters

SDO 569 Advanced HR and Employment Law: Masters

SES 220 Biology of a Changing Earth

SES 307 Space Works I: Design, Model, Build, Test

STC 501 Theories of Data and Society

STC 512 Data, Places, People and Things

STC 527 Ethics and Policies of Social Data

STC 528 Communicating Data Science

STC 536 Networked Publics

STC 539 Social Search and Filtering

STC 550 Computational Social Methods I

STC 551 Computational Social Methods II

STC 570 Social Data Projects

TCL 343 Latinas/os and the Environment | CL: Add ASB 343, PUP 343, SOS 343

TCL 355 Transborder Digital Media Making | CL: Add FMP 355

TCL 371 Language Hegemony and Culture | CL: Add ASB 371, HST 371, SLC 371, SPA 371

HUL 250 Introduction to Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Research

HUL 250 Introduction to Problem-Based Interdisciplinary Research

IPI 296 Inquiry

IPI 496 Advanced Inquiry

PSY 302 The Psychology of Positive Leadership

SES 407 Space Works II: Model, Fabricate and Test



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