Arizona State University
University Senate
Fall 2019

Senate Motion #2020-10

Motion Introduced by: Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee

Date of First Reading: September 9, 2019

Date of Second Reading: October 7, 2019

Title of Motion: Request from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – Dean’s Office– for the establishment of an undergraduate degree – BS in Technological Leadership

Action Requested: This curricular proposal has received all college, school, unit and university administrative approvals, and is being presented to the Senate for review and voting decision.

Rationale: The focus of the BS in Technological Leadership: Training in leadership thinking and solving science- and technology-related open problems, which is a skill required for the new fields of the future, for successful leadership, and for graduate school.

The need: The United States and the world has a great need for workforce in science, technology, engineering, and math. Further, the key 21st-century skills of complex interdisciplinary problem-solving, goal-setting, team collaboration, creativity, persuasion, and analytic reasoning are those that humans uniquely bring to the workforce, that robotics and AI complement but cannot replace.

The degree's interdisciplinary vision of education will forward ASU's commitment to the economic, social and cultural health of our communities by producing graduates able to recognize and solve complex problems in a variety of real-world contexts not limited to a single disciplinary focus.



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