Arizona State University

University Senate

Senate Motion #2020-11

First reading: via email September 25, 2019

Second reading: October, 07, 2019

Proposed courses:

ACO 131 Global Cybersecurity
EMS 522 Mastering the Global Sustainability Context
EMS 523 Strategic Sustainability and Leadership
EMS 524 Sustainability Storytelling and Communications
EMS 525 Essentials for Transformative Leadership in Sustainability
FMP 350 Directing for Documentary Media
GLE 505 Evidence in Global Education Inquiry
HCR 259 Compliance and the Health Care Industry
HST 460 World War II | CL: Add WWS 460
LAP 231 Introduction to Digital Applications for Designers
LSE 303 Human Development: Addressing Learner Capabilities
MED 275 Elements of Hospice and Palliative Care
MED 375 Alzheimer's and Other Dementias
MED 475 Palliative Care: Managing Complex Serious Illness
PPS 501 Fundamentals of Political Psychology
PPS 502 Cognition and Emotions in Political Thinking
PPS 503 Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Intergroup Relations
PPS 504 Attitudes and Persuasion
PPS 505 Biopolitics
PPS 506 Experimental Design
PPS 511 Public Opinion
PPS 512 Political Polarization
PPS 513 Elite Decision Making
PPS 514 Campaigns and Elections
PPS 515 Advances in Media Effects
PPS 550 Capstone
SLC 310 Migration and Identity: Digital Storytelling | CL: Add Rom 310
SOS 508 Pathways to Sustainability
SOS 509 Leading Sustainability Transitions



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