Arizona State University
University Senate

Senate Motion #2020-49

First reading: via email February 19, 2020

Second reading: March 02, 2020

Proposed courses:

ART 429 Advanced Painting and Drawing Studio

ASB 501 Professionalism

AST 301 Physics of Astrophysics

BLE 534 Language, Policy, and Power: Past and Present

BME 210 Programming for Biomedical Engineers: Introduction to Computers, Programming, and Data

CAP 351 Issues in Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

CHS 280 Experiential Community Health and Research

CRD 100 Introduction to Community Development

CRD 200 Foundations of Community Development

CRD 300 Research Methods and Applied Skills

CRD 400 Capstone: Leadership, Applied Skills and Community Development

DCE 132 Dance Techniques

DCE 226 Musical and Kinesthetic Communication in Dance

DCE 339 Latinx Dance Practices III

HCD 602 Health Informatics for Future Health Care Professionals

MAE 530 Dynamic Behavior of Materials

MAE 588 Nanoscale Heat Transfer

MUP 503 Literature for Teaching Voice

MUP 504 Voice Teaching Practicum

NTR 390 Current Nutrition Research

NTR 480 Integrative and Functional Nutrition

NTR 490 Undergraduate Research Methods in Nutrition

POP 333 Systems Thinking in Population Health

POS 427 Social Welfare and Health Policy

PUP 510 Public Participation in Planning

PUP 564 Transportation Systems Professional Seminar

SLC 212 Language and Culture Clash



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