Arizona State University

University Senate

Senate Motion #2020-61

First reading: via email March 17, 2020

Second reading: March 30, 2020

Proposed courses:

COM 328 Communicating Science - Public Speaking

CRD 570 Foundations of Community Development

CRD 571 The Community Development Process

CRD 573 Local and Regional Development

CRD 574 Applied Research Skills

CRD 577 Community Building Practice

CRD 596 Community Development Capstone

CRJ 407 Police Use of Force

CSE 475 Foundations of Machine Learning

DAT 250 Data Science and Society

DAT 300 Mathematical Tools for Data Science

DAT 301 Exploring Data in R and Python

DAT 401 Statistical Modeling and Inferenece for Data Science

DAT 402 Statistical Learning

DAT 490 Data Science Capstone

DCE 139 Latinx Dance Practices I

DCE 306 Origins of Salsa: Global and Social Contexts

ENG 206 Introduction to Literary Studies

ENG 304 Critical Theories and Methods

ENG 350 Studies in Literary Histories and Traditions

ENG 444 Topics for Interdisciplinary Study of Literature and Culture

ENG 491 Topics for Advanced Research

EXW 426 Exercise for Neuromuscular Conditions

FMP 215 Beginning Post-Production for Film & Television: Adobe Premier Pro

FMP 461 Advanced Screenwriters Workshop

GIS 202 Drones to Satellites: Observing Earth from Above

HCR 543 Food Safety and Protection

HCR 544 Assessing Food Safety and Developing Policy Procedures and Training

HCR 550 Quality Assurance and Safety in Food & Dietary Supplements

INT 650 Diversity and Design

MAE 509 Linear Matrix Inequality Methods in Optimal and Robust Control

MSE 511 Mathematical and Computer Methods in Materials

PIT 501 Principles of Public Interest Technology

PIT 502 Co-Designing the Future

PIT 503 Technology Impact Assessments

PIT 504 Public Engagement Strategies 

RDG 510 Literacies, Digital Technologies, and Learning 

RDG 515 Multimodal Literature for Children and Adolescents

RDG 518 Supporting Language and Literacy for Diverse Learners 

RDG 519 Writing Throughout the Lifespan

RDG 530 Literacy Methods, Assessment, and Reflection for Children (Pre-K to Grade 5) 

RDG 540 Literacy Methods, Assessment and Reflection for Adolescents and Adults (Grade 6-Adult) 

RDG 597 Capstone

SFS 596 Capstone

SLC 214 The World's Game: History and Culture of Soccer | CL: Add HST 214

THP 487 Advanced Screen Acting



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