Motion Introduced by:  Simin Levinson, Downtown Campus President and Caroline Harrison, Tempe Campus President

Date of First Reading:  March 30, 2020

Date of Second Reading: April 27, 2020 

Title of Motion: Proposal to Establish University Senate Ad Hoc Committee: Digitally Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Action Requested: The University Academic Council recommends approval of this resolution


Perceived Issues

  • Need for better faculty input regarding Digitally Enhanced Teaching and Learning
  • Need for more faculty knowledge regarding Digitally Enhanced Teaching and Learning
  • Need for improved transparency with fully online education
  • Need for improved consultation or information on initiatives that could affect courses and programs
  • Need for a Senate-sponsored group to whom questions and related Requests for Consultation (RFCs) could be directed

Committee Functions

  • Review RFC’s regarding Education and Technology
  • Review and advise on technology matters that affect faculty and students
  • Serve as vehicle for ASUOnline and UTO and other working groups and committees to seek faculty consultation and input. Some current working groups include:
    • Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)
    • Cross-Disciplinary Digital Credentialing
    • Learning Outcomes Working Group
    • Online Directors Group
    • Serve as vehicle for faculty to review and provide input on campus-wide technology matters and initiatives, e.g. hardware and software, multimedia tools and services, learning management systems and platforms, open-education tools, cloud-based learning such as:
      • Implementing Canvas Features (Pronouns, New Gradebook,)
      • Tools use (Ally, Yellowdig, Zoom, Slack)
      • Reporting from Canvas
      • Recommending Tools (APARS/Interfolio)
      • Learning Collaboratory
      • Interfolio
      • Advise, consult, and collaborate with other Senate Committees on matters related to academic and faculty professional technology, and digitally enhanced education
      • Participate in the recommendation of development of policies regarding Digitally Enhanced Teaching and Learning in areas including:
        • Digital Credentialing
        • Location based tracking/information delivery
        • AI initiatives
        • VR/AR
        • Digital Privacy 
          • Promote faculty digital literacy and technology skills, and digital citizenship

Membership Guidelines

  • The committee shall be composed of at least four members of the Academic Assembly appointed by the Chair of the UAC. Committee selection will be based on representation from all campuses and a variety of units and disciplines.  
  • Committee Chair: appointed by Chair of the UAC
  • Committee members should have some experience/understanding of Digitally Enhanced Teaching and Learning
  • Some members should have knowledge of curriculum design and development process and/or online instructional design
  • Ex officio: two nonvoting members appointed by directors in UTO and ASUOnline/EdPlus
  • Membership shall be staggered in two-year terms. One-half of the elected members shall be replaced each year.





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