First reading: via email April 14, 2020

Second reading: April 27, 2020

Proposed courses:

BIO 405 Sonoran Desert Field Botany

CEL 501 Literary Leaders

CEL 503 Classic Texts in Political Philosophy and Justice

CEL 510 Classic Texts in Natural Science and Philosophy

CEL 513 Classic Texts in Leadership and Statesmanship

CEL 520 Classic Texts in the Foundations of Logic

DSC 531 Basic Mold Making and Casting

DSC 540 Biomimicry in Design

ENG 332 Studies in Race and Ethnicity in Literature and Culture

ENG 384 Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Literature and Culture

GIS 469 Multivariate Statistics for Social Sciences | CL: Add SOC 469

INT 511 Core Interior Architecture Studio I

INT 550 Environmental Systems of Interior Architecture

INT 602 Quantitative Research Methods for Interior Architecture

MAE 545 Modern Manufacturing Methods | CL: Add MFG 545

MSE 566 Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion

SLC 343 Culture and Society Transformation | CL: Add ASB 345, JUS 343, ROM 343, SOS 344



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