First reading: via email 08-18-2020

Second reading: August 31, 2020

Proposed courses:

ACC    520      Accounting Analytics I

AIS      101      Beginning Navajo I | CL: Add SLC 103

AIS      102      Beginning Navajo II | CL: Add SLC 104

AIS      201      Intermediate Navajo I | CL: Add SLC 203

AIS      202      Intermediate Navajo II | CL: Add SLC 204

ARA    522      Studio Art Pedagogy

BIO      438      Marine Biology

BIO      597      Capstone

BLE     536      Education for Social Transformation

BLE     538      Methods for Educating Multilingual Learners

BME    564      Cyber Biomedical Systems

COM   277      Sport Communication

COM   413      Resilient Relationships and Communities

COM   427      Crime and Media | CL: Add CRJ 427

COM   458      Media and Everyday Life

CRJ     538      Criminal Law and Social Control

CRJ     539      Topics in Law, Crime and Justice: Criminal Justice, Law and Society

CRJ     560      Topics in Research Methods

CRJ     614      Professional Development Workshop I: Professionalization

CRJ     615      Professional Development Workshop II: Preparing to Teach Effectively

CRJ      616       Professional Development Workshop III: Navigating the Academic Job Market in CCJ

CSE    474      Mobile Robotics

DCE    204      Dance, Health and Wellness

DCE    239      Afro-Latin Movement Practices II

DCE    433      Hip Hop IV

DCE    439      Afro-Latin Movement Practices IV

DCE    482      The Alexander Technique

DCE    582      The Alexander Technique

EDU    701      Systems Leaders Lab I: Identifying "Wicked Problems" in Learning Systems

EDU    702      Systems Leaders Lab II: Measuring Learning Systems Performance

EDU    703      Systems Leaders Lab III: Evaluating Learning Systems Change and Performance

ENG    211      Introduction to English Studies

ENG    305      Interpretive Theory

ENG    308      Form and History/Culture

ENG    309      Rhetoric for Writers

ENG    327      English Studies Research

ENG    349      Global Literary Studies

ENG    489      Scholarly Products

EVE     568      Environmental Risk Assessment

EVE     571      Water Quality Modeling

FMP    211      Film Spark Engagement: Campus Intensive

FMP    411      Film Spark Engagement: Welcome to Hollywood

FMS    360      Media Genres

FMS    474      Women and Power in Media

INT      510      Foundation Interior Architecture Studio

JMC    441      Narrative Writing and Reporting

JMC    487      Howard Center for Investigative Journalism

MCO   541      Narrative Writing and Reporting

MGT    552      Professional Development and Engagement Program

MSE    466      Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion

OGL    568      Women and Leadership

PHY    432      Computational Methods in Physics

POR    460      Brazilian Society Through Music | CL: Add  SLC 460

PSY     326      Fundamentals of Brain Research

SED    514      Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies

SPA     385      Cinema and Culture of Spain | CL: Add SLC 385

SWG   576      War and Disaster



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