Motion Introduced by: Mary Jane Parmentier, Chair, Senate Personnel Committee

Date of First Read: November 23, 2020

Date of Second Read: February 01, 2021

Title of Motion: Addition to ACD 510-01

 Action Requested: Addition of a sentence to ACD 510-01 on ‘outside business arrangements to not exceed 312 hours per academic year for those on academic-year contracts, or 384 hours for those on fiscal year contracts.’  The additional sentence would read:  For faculty in certain circumstances these hours might be exceeded, per prior approval by the Provost.

Rationale:  The Faculty Senate Personnel Committee worked on this as RFC 187 for the past two years, and at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, Senate President Shirley Rose received a positive response from the Provost’s Office for this change.  Changes to the ACD must be subject to an approved motion in the Senate.

Summary: Faculty in certain disciplines must work more hours than this for professional reasons, such as clinical faculty needing to fulfill required hours for professional credentials and certificates. It is therefore proposed that this additional sentence would allow for appropriate exceptions that the faculty member’s director or dean could request from the Provost.



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