Motion Introduced by:   Constitution and Bylaws Task Force, Tamara Rounds, Chair

Date of First Reading:    March 1, 2021

Date of Second Reading: March 29, 2021

Title of Motion: ACD 112-01 Constitution and Bylaws Perfecting Amendment 3  

Action Requested:  Motion to amend Article II.B.1.a. by inserting section heading of “a. Campus Presidents;” replacing alphabetical seriation to numerical seriation; striking out “advice and consent” and replacing with “with the approval by vote” in II.B.1.3.; replacing “teleconference” with “virtual” in II.B.1.d; striking out “June 1” and capitalizing “The” in II.B.1.e; striking out “end of the fall” and inserting “middle of the spring“ and “President-elect” in II.B.1. f; striking out “summer break period of May 16 to August 15”and inserts “Following the last senate meeting of one academic year and until the first senate meeting of the next academic year” in II.B.1.g.

Rationale: Four-year review by the Senate Constitution and Bylaws Task Force recommendation.



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