Motion Introduced by: Constitution and Bylaws Task Force,
Tamara Rounds, Chair

Date of First Reading: April 26, 2021

Date of Second Reading: August 30, 2021

Title of Motion: ACD 112-01 Constitution and Bylaws, Revision of Bylaws II, III, and IV
Action Requested: The Constitution and Bylaws Task Force Recommends Senate Approval.

Rationale: Article III of the ASU Senate Constitution calls for a review of the Constitution and Bylaws every four years. After review and discussion, the 2020-21 Senate Constitution and Bylaws Task Force proposed several changes which have been approved by the senate. This motion includes proposed changes to Bylaws II, III, and IV.

Policy Proposal: Click on the document in the upper right-hand portion of this webpage to review the Article II, III, and IV changes.




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