Senate Motion #2022-01

First reading: via email 08-17-2021

Second reading: August 30, 2021

Proposed courses:

CHS 400 Adaptive Exercise Program Practical Experience
ENG 110 Approaching Big Problems
ENG 300 Your Degree in the World
EVE 411 Sustainable Energy, Materials and Technology
FMS 362 Film and Media Franchises
GER 420 Discover - Discuss - Design: German Language and Culture
GIT 532 Graphic Industry Business Practices
GIT 535 Website and E-Commerce Strategies
GIT 550 Digital Workflow in the Graphics Industry
HCR 410 Fundamentals of Human Lactation
HSE 529 Product Design and Evaluation
IBC 633 Motivational Interviewing for the Behavioral Care Provider
LAW 540 Legal Analysis
LAW 648 Law, Accounting and Finance
LAW 659 Mergers and Acquisitions
LAW 661 Advanced Bankruptcy Law
LAW 663 Prosecuting Trademark Applications
LAW 689 Health Technologies, Innovation and the Law
LAW 696 Privacy, Big Data and Emerging Technologies
LAW 697 Neuroscience, Ethics and the Law
LAW 710 Artificial Intelligence, Law, Ethics and Policy
LAW 787 First Amendment Clinic
MSE 535 Computational Materials Science and Engineering
PAF 450 Ending Homelessness Through Public Policy
PAF 550 Ending Homelessness Through Public Policy
PMG 501 Project Management Theory
PMG 502 The Thoughtful Project: Aligning Purpose with Approach
PMG 503 Impact Analysis and Sustainability in Project Management
PMG 504 Social Psychological Perspectives in Project Management
PMG 510 Case Study Simulation: Scope, Schedule and Cost Management
PMG 511 Case Study Simulation: Risk and Procurement Management
PMG 512 Case Study Simulation: Quality, Resource and Communication Management
PMG 531 Leading Integrative Teams
PMG 532 Project and Program Assessment
PMG 533 Stakeholder Engagement
PMG 582 Developing the Plan in Project Management
PUP 411 Environment, Justice and Cities
SOS 519 Research Data Management
SOS 537 Disasters as Opportunity for Sustainability
TEM 405 Data-Driven Decision Making
TEM 408 Crowdfunding, Currency and Blockchain Innovations
TEM 501 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
TEM 505 Data-Driven Decision Making
TEM 507 Venture Digital Data Analytics
TEM 508 Crowdfunding, Currency and Blockchain Innovations
UNI 225 Emotional Intelligence: Leadership and Success




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