Senate Motion #2022-07

First reading: via email October 12, 2021

Second reading: October 25, 2021

Proposed courses:

ART 320 Science and Art of Botanical Design

ART 444 Documentary Video Art

ART 462 Animation Capstone II

ART 540 Visualization and Prototyping

ART 544 Documentary Video Art

ASM 463 A Practical Guide to Bayesian Data Analysis

ASM 563 A Practical Guide to Bayesian Data Analysis

CON 507 Safety Management for Construction Managers

DSC 555 Strategic Design Futures

EED 284 Introduction to Integrated STEAM Learning Experiences

EED 532 Literacy Methods of Instruction and Assessment for Diverse Learners

EED 534 Social Studies Methods and The Arts

EED 596 Residency/Student Teaching

ENG 433 Literary Magazine Publishing: Canyon Voices

EVE 290 Statistics and Probability for Environmental Data

EVE 354 Materials in the Environment

FOR 200 Forensic Science Seminar

FOR 360 Statistical Applications in Forensic Science

FOR 496 Forensic Science Service Learning

FSH 275 Merchandising Applications

FSH 303 Fashion Illustration II

FSH 306 Fashion Design II

FSH 308 Fashion Technology II

FSH 375 Branding for Fashion Professionals

FSH 385 Fashion Visual Merchandising

FSH 406 Fashion Design III

FSH 412 Power Play

FSH 477 Fashion Collection Development

IDS 400 Interdisciplinary Career Prep

JHR 485 Social Justice and Human Rights Capstone

JHR 504 International Law and Organizations

JHR 540 Critical Humanitarianism

JHR 550 Global Justice

JMC 115 Diversity and Civility at Cronkite

JMC 422 Live Sports Event Production

JMC 442 Sports and Culture Commentary

LAW 641 Foreign Relations Law

LSC 585 Capstone I in Biological Data Science

LSC 586 Capstone II in Biological Data Science

MCO 542 Sports and Culture Commentary

MHL 345 Music in Renaissance Cities

MHL 445 Music of the Silk Road

MKT 438 Advanced Selling Using Data and Technology

MKT 571 Digital Marketing Applications and Analytics

MLS 525 Creative and Critical Research Design

MLS 582 Applied Project Plan

MSC 213 Sound Design Fundamentals

MSC 314 Critical Listening

MSC 441 Live Sound and Stage Technology I

MSC 442 Live Sound and Stage Technology II

MSC 444 Popular Music Senior Forum

MSC 470 Sound Designer/Producer

MSC 471 Contemporary Composer/Producer Specialization

MSC 473 Engineer/Producer Specialization

MSC 475 DIY Creative Careers

MSC 477 Live Experience Design Specialization

MTC 224 Arranging for Popular Musicians

MTC 225 Popular Music Theory

NUR 548 Patient Safety, Health Care Quality & Informatics

NUR 550 Health Assessment

POP 611 Implementation Science in Population Health

PSY 211 The Criminal Mind

REL 503 Black Intellectual Thought and Radical Imaginary

TEL 355 Internship: Initial

TEL 366 Internship: Intermediate

TEL 488 Student Teaching



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