First reading: via email January 18, 2022

Second reading: January 31, 2022

Proposed courses:

ARS 121          Introduction to Global Heritage Studies

ART 107          Photography as Experience

ART 109          Making as Seeing and Thinking

ART 203          Photography: Material Studies I

ART 235          3D Tools for Sculptors

BDE 502          Research Methods in Biological Design

BIO 307           Research Colloquium: Identifying a Research Question

CRJ 304          Inequality, Crime and Criminal Justice

FSH 108          Digital Literacy for the Arts

FSH 175          Merchandising Essentials

HSD 551         Future-Focused Research Methods

HSD 552         Worldbuilding and Imagination

JHR 503          Gender Based Violence and Sex Trafficking

JHR 505          Migration, Asylum and Refugees

MAE 451         Applied Machine Learning for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers

MAE 551         Applied Machine Learning for Mechanical Engineers           

MSC 211         Songwriting Fundamentals

NEU 290         Data Science for Neuroscience Majors

NEU 310         Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience

PHI 450           Philosophical and Spiritual Issues in Death and Dying

SED 404          World and Native Language Methods and Assessment for K-12 Classrooms

SED 504          World and Native Language Methods and Assessment for K-12 Classrooms

SOS 246         Exploring Sustainability Research

SOS 346         Developing Research Skills

TEM 407         Venture Digital Data Analytics



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