First reading: via email February 15, 2022

Second reading: February 28, 2022

Proposed courses:

AIS  365           American Indian and Indigenous Film

ARS 223          Introduction to Museums and Social Justice

ART 405          Traditional Genres in Digital Photography: The Constructed Image

ASM 466         The Evolution of Preindustrial Technology

CEE 453          Earth Structures Engineering

CEE 548          Advanced Environmental Analysis

DCE 325         Afro-Latin/Salsa III

EEE 560          Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning

EVE 314          Data Science for Environmental and Civil Engineers

FMS 385         Ecomedia

INT  514          Interior Architecture Issues

INT  547          Sustainability in Interior Architecture

JPN 354          Zen and Japanese Culture

PSY 335          Positive Psychology

PSY 340          Psychology of Academic Motivation and Growth

PSY 503          History and Scope of Psychological Science

SOS 544         Climate Change, Society, and Sustainability

IDS 150           Introduction to Military Studies

IDS 350           Military Studies Interdisciplinary Capstone

NUR 552         Dynamics of Professional Nursing I

NUR 553         Dynamics of Professional Nursing II



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