University Senate

Senate Motion #2022-36

First reading: via email March 16, 2022

Second reading: March 28, 2022

Proposed courses:

ARB 250               Middle East Culture in a Global Perspective        

ART 401               Traditional Genres in Digital Photography: Land and Place            

CEE 544                Water Resources Engineering    

CEE 578                Activity-Travel Behavior Modeling           

FMS 365               Video Games and Narrative        

GPH 444               Arizona Landscapes       

ITA 380                 Natural Disasters: Environmental and Cultural Resilience in Italy

JMC 475               TV Production and Graphics Lab

JHR 378               Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice in Latin America

JHR 425               The Politics of Immigration

LAW 678              The Moral Leader           

LAW 708              Mediation and Settlement Advocacy      

LAW 711              Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies             

LAW 712              Sustainability Law Research Seminar      

LAW 722              Law and Psychology       

MKT 561              Customer-Centric Research and Analytics             

MUP 418             Bassoon Reed Making   

MUP 518             Bassoon Reed Making   

NEM 501              Emerging Media              

NEM 510              Narrative Development and Pre-Production       

NEM 515              Emerging Media Production       

NEM 520              AR/VR/XR for Storytelling            

NEM 525              Virtual Production for Storytelling            

NEM 530              Emerging Media Project Management  

NEM 550              Diversity and Ethics in Emerging Media 

NEM 585              Portfolio             

NEM 601              Short Form and 360 Video Production   

NEM 630              Emerging Media for Clients         

PMG 534              Master Class in Project Management: Wisdom from the Field      

PSY 338                Emotional Intelligence  

SHS 544                Introduction to Genetics: Implications for Health, Disease and Society     

TGM 705              Philosophies, Theories and Methods of Research              

TGM 710              Shaping the Future: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation in a Global Economy               

TGM 715              States and Markets in the 4th Industrial Revolution Global Economy: Applications for Global Leaders               

TGM 720              Qualitative Analysis for Systems Thinkers: Learning from the Field             

TGM 730              Systems Change and Transformation in the Anthropocene           

TGM 740              Leading and Managing Global Organizations: Advanced Topics    

TGM 745              Data Analysis for Global Leaders

TGM 750              Problem Identification and Research Design: Directed Study        

TGM 755              Review of Literature: Directed Study      

TGM 760              Project Impact Assessment: Directed Study         

TGM 765              Independent Applied Field Research: Directed Study       

TGM 770              Final Project Draft: Directed Study           

TGM 775              Research Project Draft Refinement: Directed Study         

THE 359                Comics, Cons, and Cosplay Phenomena



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