First reading: via email 08-16-2022

Second reading: August 29, 2022

Proposed courses:

Code     Title

BCH 597              Capstone

BIO 145                Introduction to Marine Biology

CEE 501              Machine Learning Techniques in Civil Engineering

CHM 597             Capstone

COM 485             Communication Portfolio

CTE 110               Introduction to Culture, Technology and Environment

CTE 310               Elements of Culture, Technology and Environment

EEE 549               Statistical Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice

EXW 427              Exercise Prescription for Cardiometabolic Health

FSE 570               Data Science Capstone

GIT 350                Cross-Media Design

JHR 502                Foundations of Social Justice and Human Rights

LAW 665               Race and the Law

LAW 769               International Intellectual Property

LSC 540               Statistics for Biological Data Science I

LSC 541                Statistics for Biological Data Science II

MCO 506              Media Law for Strategic Communication

MCO 537              Strategic Communications Writing

NLM 585              Social Marketing

NTR 520                Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment

OGL 381               Organizational Leadership Capstone

PPE 531                Analysis of Skill and Game Performance

PPE 532                Principles of Sport Coaching

PPE 533                Health Methods

SDO 504               Professional Communication: Masters

SDO 512               Compliance and Ethics: Masters

SDO 513               Sports Law: Masters

SDO 514               Intellectual Property: Masters

SDO 517               Construction Law: Masters

SDO 519               Environmental Law: Masters

SDO 520               Patent Law: Masters

SDO 521               Property Law: Masters

SDO 522               Conflict Theory: Masters

SDO 523               Organization & Workplace Dispute Resolution: Masters

SDO 524               Psychology of Conflict: Masters

SDO 526               Divorce & Family Mediation: Masters

SDO 527               Dispute System Design: Masters

SDO 528               Data Privacy & Protection: Masters

SDO 538               Entrepreneurship, Law and Strategy: Masters

SDO 540               Immigration Law: Masters

SOS 539                Human Well-Being and Sustainability

SPE 365                Concepts, Principles and Foundations of Behavior Analysis

SPE 366                Measurement and Experimental Analysis of Behavior

SPE 448                Assessing and Improving Challenging Behavior in Schools and Clinics

SPE 449                Assessment and Program Planning for Diverse Learning Needs

SPE 450                Professional and Ethical Practice in Behavior Analysis Service and Supervision

STP 550                Statistical Machine Learning

THF 429                Astrobiological Arts

THP 333                Costume Crafts

THP 352                Everyday Audio Editing

TWC 314               Data Visualization Tools and Techniques

TWC 413               Managing and Analyzing Data




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