Senate Motion #2023-10

First reading: via email 09-20-2022

Second reading: October 3, 2022

Proposed courses:


Code     Title

ACT 490                Emerging Risks

CEE 579                 Transportation Data Collection and Analysis Methods

CIS 518                  Big Data Analytics

CIS 531                  Cloud Architecture and Platforms

CIS 533                  Cloud Deployment and Management

CSE 478                 Foundations of Data Visualization

CSE 559                 Algorithms in Computational Biology

EGR 501                Applied Linear Algebra for Engineers

FSH 222                Apparel Construction II

FSH 322                Apparel Construction III

JHR 515                 Power and Inequality in Academia and Activism

LDT 508                Design of Accessible and Inclusive Digital Learning

MCO 567              Diversity in Digital Audiences

MFG 522              Intermediate Engineering Statistics

MFG 523              Artificial Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing

MFG 574              Polymer Science and Additive Manufacturing

MFG 582              Metal Additive Manufacturing

NTR 402                Preprofessional Prep in Nutrition Careers

POP 575                Social Determinants of Population Health

POP 644                Epidemiology in Population Health

SDO 530               Risk Assessment and Management: Masters

SDO 532               Conducting Fact Investigations: Masters

SDO 533               Fraud Examination: Masters

SDO 534               Health Industry Compliance: Masters

SDO 536               Financial Ind Compliance: Masters

SDO 537               Financing Ventures: Masters

SDO 550               Energy Law and Policy: Masters

SDO 564               American Indian Law: Masters

SDO 578               Advanced Construction Law: Masters

SWG 520              Domestic Violence Fatality Review



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