Senate Motion #2023-15

First reading: via email 10-12-2022

Second reading: October 24, 2022

Proposed courses:


Code  Title

ABS 272 Discovering Dentistry

ABS 371 Small Animal Veterinary Topics

AIS 450 Indigenous Food Systems and Sovereignty

ART 361 Junior Animation Projects I

ART 362 Junior Animation Projects II

CEE 525 Composites for Infrastructure

CRJ 574 Executive Leadership Principles in Public Service

EVE 461 Unit Operations in Drinking Water Treatment

FAS 520 Structural Equation Modeling with Longitudinal Data

FAS 521 Latent Growth and Longitudinal Mixture Models

FSH 200 Textiles Survey Lab

HCR 480 Advanced Team-Based Research Practicum

IPI 341 Designing and Making (3D Printing and Fabrication)

IPI 400 Fundamentals of Career Success

IPI 402 Technological Leadership Career Exploration

JMC 355 Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

KIN 416 Low Back Pain: Muscles and Movement

LAS 485 Latin American Studies Capstone

NUR 331 Experiential Learning: Beginning

NUR 400 Concept Integration Across the Lifespan: Beginning

SPA 416 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition for Spanish Heritage Learners

SWU 404 Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings



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