Motion Introduced by: Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee

Date of First Reading: 10/24/2022

Date of Second Reading: 11/21/2022

Title of Motion: Change to CAPC bylaws

Change to CAPC bylaws: Add 8.a.1.e.  Chair. The committee chair will be appointed by the
incoming Senate President when the seat is vacated. To assist in this appointment, the
committee will provide the incoming Senate President with a recommendation for the new
chair. Usually, the new chair will be a current CAPC member. Because chairs are nonvoting
members of the committee, a person shall be appointed or elected to replace the new
Committee Chair’s representative unit.  The length of term for committee chair is two years. 

Action Requested: Senate vote.

Rationale: This bylaw addition codifies the selection of chair, length of term, and replacement
requirements if needed