Senate Motion #2023-18

First reading: via email 11-8-2022

Second reading: November 21, 2022

Proposed courses:



Code              Title

ART 114         Expanded Arts Studio

ART 309         2D Digital Animation II

ART 446         On Walking

ART 546         On Walking

CEE 528         Advanced Mechanics of Materials

CIS 313          Location Analytics in Business

CON 576        Computer Vision for Builders

EEE 405         Machine Learning Basics with Deployment to FPGAs

EVE 465         Unit Operations in Wastewater Treatment

FSH 224         Introduction to Accessory Design

FSH 304         Equity and Inclusion in Fashion

FSH 380         Fashion Forecasting

HCR 280        Team-Based Research Practicum

MLS 510        Communicating in Complex Cultural Environments

MLS 511         Advanced Liberal Studies and Worlds of Possibility

MLS 512        Exploring and Expressing Ideas

NLM 440        Nonprofit Professional Certification

NUR 327        Health and Illness Concepts: Developing

NUR 401        Concept Integration Across the Lifespan: Developing

RTH 284         Recreational Therapy Lab

SPA 382         Spanish for Biomedical Sciences

STS 102         Engineering for All

THP 122         Acting II

THP 203         Acting III

THP 222         Acting IV



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