Senate Motion #2023-26

First reading: via email 01-17-2023

Second reading: January 30, 2023

Proposed courses:



Code          Title

ARS 335       Fashion and Dress in Art

ART 212       Figure Drawing for Animation

FSH 135       Foundations in Fashion Design Communications

FSH 326       Fashion Styling

FSH 360       Sustainable Systems in Fashion

FSH 396       Professional Practices for Fashion

FSH 475       Communication Strategies for Fashion

LIA 485        REES Certificate Capstone

MCO 375     Podcasting

MED 350     Health Care and Humanities

MUP 402     Anatomy and Physiology of Singing

MUP 403     Literature for Teaching Voice

MUP 404     Voice Teaching Practicum

NUR 321      Clinical Practice: Developing

NUR 322      Clinical Practice: Accomplished

NUR 328      Concepts of Health and Illness: Accomplished

NUR 332      Experiential Learning: Developing

NUR 333      Experiential Learning: Accomplished

NUR 402      Concept Integration Across the Lifespan: Accomplished

PAF 160      Fundamentals of Disaster Governance, Politics and Policy

PAF 362      Biosecurity and Biodefense

PSY 506      Advanced Cognitive Science

PSY 508      Choice and Decision Making

PSY 577      Advanced Developmental Psychology

PSY 579      Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSY 585      Advanced Positive Psychology

PSY 586      Emotion

SWG 564    Critical Issues in Child Welfare I

SWG 565    Critical Issues in Child Welfare II

SWG 566    Critical Issues in Child Welfare III

SWU 420    Domestic Violence Fatality Review