Senate Motion #2023-34

First reading: via email 2-16-2023

Second reading: February 27, 2023

Proposed courses:


Code         Title

ABS 321     Sexually Transmitted Infections

ABS 419     Microbiota in Health and Disease

ACO 482    Design Thinking for National Security

ART 387     Digital Photography Capstone Development

ASC 310     Elements of Scientific Computing

ASM 310    War and Peace: The Evolution of Conflict and Cooperation

ERM 526    Environmental Chemistry

ERM 541    Environmental Health

FMP 101     Orientation to Film

IFT 523       Network Forensics for Information Technology

IFT 525       Introducing AI into CyberSecurity for Information Technology

IFT 533       Data Visualization and Reporting for IT

IFT 536       Natural Language Processing for Information Technology

IFT 543       Security Compliance for Information Technology

IFT 554       Middleware Programming and Database Security for Information Technology

IFT 560       Cloud Architecture for Information Technology

IFT 561       Data in the Cloud for Information Technology

JPN 424     The Art of the Ninja

NEU 323    Neuroscience of Perception

NUR 350    Professional Nurse Attributes: Accomplished

PSY 310     Consumer Psychology

SBS 430     Aging and Social Policy

SLB 508     Strategic Planning for the Future in Sports: MSLB

SPA 103     Beginning Spanish for Bilingual and Heritage Students



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