Motion Introduced by:  Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee

Date of First Reading:  February 27, 2023

Date of Second Reading: March 27, 2023

Title of Motion: Request from the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences – School of Social and Behavioral Sciences – for the establishment of an undergraduate degree – BS in Aging 

Action Requested: This curricular proposal has received all college, school, unit and university administrative approvals, and is being presented to the Senate for review and voting decision.

Rationale: ASU's BS program in aging offers students the opportunity to develop skills in identifying challenges and developing solutions critical to managing these profound demographic trends. Completing courses like Communication and Aging, Aging and the Life Course, and Supporting the Health of Older Adults gives students the skills and mindset to contribute solutions as the proportion of retired adults increases faster than that of persons in the workforce.



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