Senate Motion #2023-52

First reading: via email 3-15-2023

Second reading: March 27, 2023

Proposed courses:


 Code         Title

ABS 375     Equine Science

AME 400     Minds and Machines

AME 434     Machine Learning for Media Arts

ENT 325     Entrepreneurial Leadership

IFT 562       Cloud Security and Operations for Information Technology

MAT 422     Mathematical Methods in Data Science

PSY 309      Sleep and Dreaming

PSY 565      Psychology of Mindfulness

RUS 241     Russian Pop Culture: Protest and Propaganda

SCM 380     Supply Chain Management Foundations

SED 483     Science Teaching Methods for Secondary Schools II

SED 485     Special Methods of Teaching Social Studies: Community Resources

SES 421     Foundations of Planetary Science

STP 551     Time Series Analysis

TGM 560     Space for Global Future Leaders

TGM 561     Global Space Policy and Law

TGM 562     Global Space Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

TGM 563     Space and Global States and Markets

WPC 460     Business Capstone