Faculty Achievements


Mario Capecchi is an Italian-born molecular geneticist known for his pioneering work on the development of gene targeting in mice.

Searching for ancient Aztec houses, archaeologist Michael E.

Students from Arizona State University's CDE 430 Infant/Toddler Development in the Family course, taught by Professor Tracy Spinrad, recently ha

Many people mistakenly assume that gerontology, the study of aging and issues older people face, is sad or depressing.

An international team of scientists, using the ground-based Gemini Observatory telescope in Chile, is the first to directly measure the amount of both water and carbon monoxide in the atmosph

In a major development in the bid to deepen the understanding of the role that the ocean plays in climate science, Arizona State University President Michael Crow announced today that ASU, a leadin

Do sea turtles canoodle?

Specific areas of the human brain process different functions, such as th

Kathy Luo, Arizona State University MFA student in dance, will present “Out of the Blue” Oct. 29–31 in this year’s “Emerging Artist” performance.

This fall, ASU welcomed the inaugural cohort of Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows and

Cecilia Muñoz may be small, but she’s got sharp elbows.

Arizona State University President Michael Crow honored staff and faculty members during the 2021 President’s Recognition Ceremony on Tuesday.

An Arizona State University epidemiologist and her team have earned university and municipal honors for their work

The Hearing Health Foundation has named Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences Assistant Professor 

A mixed-use business park in space may sound like a daydream of the distant future, but Arizona State University is partnering with Blue Origin and other space industry leaders to create one by the

In October 2012, a routine resupply mission to the International Space Station had profound impacts on the future of spaceflight. 

With its first field trip opportunity in 18 months, ASU Gammage’s School to Work provided high school students with a unique experience and new understanding of careers within the world of professi

Latino adolescents have disproportionally high rates of substance use problems and 

A new research partnership between Arizona State University and the University of Hawaii at Hilo aims to better understand the vulnerability of island ecosystems, reefs and island communities

George Beakley Jr.’s eldest son remembers his father as having been “a tough guy” and a “stern taskmaster.” George Beakley III intends that description as one of praise.

The practice of mindfulness was often touted throughout the pandemic as a useful tool for dealing with an unforeseen life stressor.

Decades of racist policies like redlining have extracted wealth from Black communities, but one way to repair the harm would be to cancel student debt, according to a researcher who spoke at Arizon

From your smartphone’s weather app telling you it will rain on Friday to the “check engine” light in your car to the safety of the airplane you’re about to board, computational modeling touches you

Each October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month serves as a reminder of how abuse ravages and traumatizes victims.

Almost a year into the new administration, millions of Republicans still believe (falsely) that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election while many Democrats believe (falsely) that Republican

The 21st-century version of the longbow or the machine gun is the drone. Surveillance drones, predator drones, reaper drones — the skies have taught a whole generation to move under top cover.

A 5-year-old steals and eats a grape at the grocery store. A teenager “rolls” past a stop sign without really stopping. An adult decides not to report cash earned from a gig on a tax return.

When you step into Neal Lester’s Discovery Hall office on the ASU Tempe campus, you’ll never forget it.

About 12 years ago in Russia, wildlife conservation biologist Adam Stein was involved with projects on the Oriental stork.

Arizona State University Regents Professor Peter Buseck is the 2021 recipient of the David Sinclair Award from the

Judge Elizabeth Odio Benito, president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, has been named the seventh recipient of the O’Connor Justice Prize

By combining Hubble Space Telescope observations with theoretical models, a team of astronomers has gained insights into the chemical and physical makeup of a variety of exoplanets known as hot Jup

The burrowing owls on Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus in Mesa had their living quarters upgr

Intersecting crises — the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice and environmental catastrophes — have destabilized daily life and public institutions, rendering perennial questions about progress

If cities tweaked their regulations to make it easier to start a business, it might lead to more minority business ownership, according to an economist who analyzed a new Arizona State University d

The spirit of Halloween is creeping into neighborhoods across the country.

The introduction of a new mathematics journal would not ordinarily make big news.

As students began returning in person to school this fall, educators faced a greater likelihood of encountering children who had been abused at home since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A time-honored tradition at Arizona State University, Homecoming is back this fall after a pandemic pause, bringing together students, parents, alumni and

Every consumer who has seen empty grocery store shelves or waited extra weeks for an online purchase over the past 18 months is aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the supply chain.

Adriana Baniecki is a home-schooled high school senior from Chandler, Arizona, with a passion for physics. She likes understanding how the world around her works.

The Sustainability Consortium announced Monday that Euan Murray will be stepping down as CEO as of Nov.

Traditional therapy doesn’t often include basketball or badminton.

The world changed forever in 1989 when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

Thursday, Oct.

Community health workers impact the lives of residents of underserved areas where basic health services are often scarce.

Record queues of container ships wait at anchor outside the Port of Los Angeles. A 20-mile traffic jam clogs rail lines in Chicago.

Noted educator, scholar and journalist Andre Perry will deliver the third annual Graduate College Distinguished Lecture, 

To advance climate action and protect the world’s vital ecosystems, resources must be made accessible to those in conservation.

As an Adobe Creative Campus, Arizona State University is leading the way in imparting 21st-century digital literacy skills to students of all discipli

Through a wide array of activities and events, Arizona State University annually celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of Latino and Hispanic individuals and communities across

As a university student, Mark Jacobs always hated descending into dark residence hall basements to do his laundry, but he liked mingling with and sharing conversations with fellow students and facu

Throughout “Twelve Minutes and a Life,”

“America’s pastime” of baseball has a culture that is so white-dominated that it’s lost Black participation at every level, from youth teams to major-league managers, according to several Black exp

Gordon Hawkins, internationally acclaimed baritone and professor of voice in the ASU School o

Gregg Leslie, executive director of the First Amendment Clinic at the

The time is right to implement a new vision to bolster the success of North America, said Mexico’s top diplomat in the U.S. during a meeting with Arizona State University leaders in Tempe on Oct.

In the late 1600s, the Dutch tradesman Antonie van Leeuwenhoek began investigating the world of the very small using the first microscope, discovering a riotous world of protists, bacteria and othe

An Arizona State University professor will be researching ways to predict the safety of domestic violence survivors while their accused partners are awaiting trial.

Computational modeling is a surprising and extremely valuable research tool for developing sustainability practices and policies.

Investigating how engineers can define a new engineering paradigm that values social and environmental justice is what motivates Darshan Karwat.

With each passing day, the dark side of our dependence to fossil fuels becomes more apparent.

Since the 1950s, plastics have changed our lives. But these amazing materials are mostly made of fossil hydrocarbons like oil, gas and coal — and none are biodegradable.

The New York Times caught the attention of many West Coast residents earlier this week when it ran a story about recent efforts to contain wildfires, one of which had grown “

With technology and innovation driving massive changes in consumer demand and behaviors, the new economy is simultaneously on the horizon and already here.

The School of Music, Dance and Theatre’s dance program announces a return to live performances with the 2021-22 season.

Four years ago, the Arizona State University Alumni Association began offering alumni educators complimentary Sun Devil teacher packs

The NASA Lucy mission to the Trojan asteroids is expected to launch on Saturday, Oct. 16, at 5:34 a.m. Eastern (2:34 a.m.

Across the globe, science echoes the same and intensifying message: We must mitigate climate change and support our ecosystems.

Last year, students, staff and faculty from the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University came together and

In the early centuries of sailing the open seas, often the only navigation tool was the human eye.

The U.S.

In follow-up to ASU’s commitment to enhance and support the lived, teaching and learning experiences of Black students, faculty and staff, the

Between 2010 and 2020, enrollment at Hispanic-serving institutions — colleges or universities with a student population that is at least 25% Hispanic — 

The public may be divided over climate change issues, but the Pentagon and national security com

As part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct.

The ASU Gospel Choir in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre recently released a recording, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” with York University Gospel Choir as p

During the last 70 years, transplantation has saved millions of lives aro

In a return to live performances, Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre announces the upcoming 2021–22 theater season.

Experiencing a hiccup during a study abroad college research project led Rebecca K.

Arizona State University has completed its 1 millionth COVID-19 test, a milestone that commemorates the university’s massive effort to marshal all its resources and respond to th

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering’s Fabrication Lab (FabLab) team launched a series of workshops to offer a creative outlet for students while they were virtually attending classes la

Chris Herbst says that running 55 miles at a time can be so brutal that he enters a state he calls “the pain cave.”

For one evening only on Oct.

A few weeks ago, Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Globa

A new paper from the science team of NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover details how the hydrological cycle of the now-dry lake at Jezero Crater is more complicated and intriguing than originally though

In a little more than two months, mankind’s most powerful eye on the universe will launch, literally giving astronomers the ability to look back in time.

The air was buzzing with the sound of bright minds brainstorming processes to solve hurdles to space accessibility at the Interplanetary Initiative’s "Big Questions" workshop on Sept.

As a student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, Arizona State University English Professor Natalie Diaz remembers seeing the Robe

Last week, the U.S.

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is launching several initiatives this fall with its Mexican partners to deepen the school’s engagement with our neighboring country a

It was 60 years ago, in 1961, and the space race was on. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, followed weeks later by American astronaut Alan Shepard. President John F.

The James Webb Space Telescope is the largest, most powerful and complex space science telescope ever built.

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded on Oct.

Arizona State University’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation welcomed a dynamic group of new researchers this fall and promoted several key faculty and staff.

Six, 12 and 18. These are the ages that most people get their three adult molars, or large chewing teeth towards the back of the mouth.

Robert Spring, professor in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre, received the International Clarinet Association’s highest honor, the Honorary Membership Award, at the ass

As dean of Arizona State University’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Judith Karshmer doesn’t just talk the talk.

The impacts of heat are intensifying.

A micrometeorite, called TAM19B-7, may have originated from a Ceres-like asteroid, according to a recent study conducted by researchers Maitrayee Bose and Victoria Froh of Arizona State University,

Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre welcomes Heather Feeney as lecturer in technical direction to the theater program.

In recent years, respected humanitarian organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Feed the Children and Oxfam have come under pressure for being part of what is described as the “White Savior

When you live in a desert, finding shade under a tree can be the difference between being warm and unbearably hot.

Arizona State University Associate Professor of Arabic Miral Mahgoub al-Tahawy will spend a

In a story that took the world by storm, a downtrodden yet cunning lower-class family infiltrates a wealthier neighborhood’s home. Then all hell breaks loose.

Launching an astronaut from one planet to land successfully on another could be the future of detecting cognitive and functional decline in older adults.

The Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology is celebrating five successful years of programming initiatives at Arizona State Unive

As a city known for scorching heat, a new office has been created within the city of Phoenix to address the growing issue of urban heat, and an ASU professor has been tapped to lead the effort.


Arizona is expected to receive 1,610 Afghan evacuees, and Arizona State University is preparing to help as many as possible with their education-related needs when they arrive.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announced a five-year, $6.36 million research grant that will launch the Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (Pacific

Every year, the gladiators of hacking meet to sharpen their skills and compete in the world’s most elite digital coliseum — DEF CON.

Arizona State University first-year student Briana Wells has always been mindful of the universe around her and the carbon footprint she leaves behind.

Iconic real estate developer Rusty Lyon Jr. wanted to help future generations pursue their educational and professional dreams. One way he did that is through what he knew best — real estate.

If Shakespeare believed that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” perhaps he would also be amendable to the idea that his plays, updated with modern English, would still hit the same.

President Donald Trump’s disagreements with then-national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R.

The College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University welcomes 20 new faculty members whose wide range of expertise will enhance its commitment to research and student learning, further advan

Only a year and a half have gone by since Jon Gould arrived at Arizona State University, but as he leaves for California, he said the school he

Scientists have long debated how much molecular oxygen was in Earth’s early atmosphere.

MDAnalysis — an open-source software used by thousands of scientists for the analysis and manipulation of molecular simulations — was re

Diversity brings new perspectives to problems that can boost innovation.

The National Science Foundation has just announced the award of $13.7 million to Arizona State University to build a one-

Arizona State University has launched a new program in California designed for students who are pursuing global leadership and management careers in some of the leading entertainment industries suc

Growing up in New Mexico, Arizona State University Associate Professor Vanessa Fonseca-Chávez fondly recalls chasing after grass

A civics education program engaging K–12 students as key decision-makers in the Arizona K–12 schools’ budgeting processes will be honored in October with the Arizona State University President’s Me

Arizona State University Professor Ariel Anbar has been elected as an Americ

New developmental psychology work has upended decades of research suggesting that children as young as 4 years old possess theory of mind.

Published in 1882, “Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District with Atlas” was the first monograph produced by the United States Geological Survey. 

Peru’s natural resources are under threat of overconsumption due to unsustainable land use, rapid development and poor land management.

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order mandating that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or test for the virus weekly, and that

An Arizona State University professor’s research has discovered that holding nonprofit organizations to best practices reduced CEOs’ pay and improved performance.

Until a few years ago, UFOs were traditionally treated as something far-fetched and relegated to the fringes.

For over 200 years, Los Angeles has been a place of new beginnings and innovative spirits. It seems only fitting that Arizona State University has begun a new chapter in this global city.

A culturally grounded, community approach to improving the health of Latino youth at risk for Type 2 diabetes is expanding to include entire families. 

Arizona State University and New America recently co-hosted the seventh annual Future Security Forum.

Two Arizona State University School of Public Affairs professors began work this fall in national leadership positions in prestigious research and education organ

The School of International Letters and Cultures recently held a memorial in honor of David William Foster, a Regents Professor of Spanish and women and gender s

From the recent Facebook data breach of over 500 million accounts, to stories of hackers getting into family homes through baby monitors, we are constantly bombarded by headlines of hackers taking

The Constitution divides responsibility for the country’s national security between the executive and legislative branches, and the balance of power between the two branches has ebbed and flowed th

As it celebrates

Despite continued uncertainty driven by the ongoing pandemic, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and a series of geopolitical uncertainties, Northern Trust Chief Economist

When students take classes in Latin American studies, they learn a lot about its history, literature, food, music and its culture of revolution and politics, but almost nothing of its intelle

It is with sadness that the ASU School of Molecular Sciences announces the death of Regents Professor George “Bob” Pettit.

For the first time, an Arizona State University researcher has been selected as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator.

It took Haunani Kāne and her team of researchers four days at sea to r

“Let’s go save some lives.”

The substantial disruption of COVID-19 has given the ASU orchestras a collective moment of recalibration — a moment to breathe and examine more deeply both the privilege and responsibility of creat

Jordan Sinclair, who hails from the University of Delaware, joined Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences, a unit of The College of Liberal Arts


new study conducted by Arizona State University reveals pu

The materials and methods behind multimedia artist Marco Albarran’s work are as diverse as his own story. 

Science fiction and fantasy stories are often filled with scientists who go too far.

The ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre's Wind Bands 2021–22 concert season brings music back to the stage with a live a

What if there existed an analysis method that could pull more information from scientific studies, but researchers were not using it properly?  

Susan Smith Richardson, a nationally recognized journalist and media industry leader, said news organizations can support and improve reporting

Summer’s heat and sun can push the surface temperature of city streets in Phoenix as high as 180 degree

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University will host the annual Jonathan and Maxine Marshall Distinguished Lecture Series with Clint Smith, award-winning writer, poe

The ASU Book Group, hosted by the Virginia G.

In 2019, the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University made a definitive statement to the academic world about the issue o

"Hey Google, what happened today in Latino history?"

Just days after being announced as the No.

Arizona State University is partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences to sponsor complimentary one-year memberships for all interested graduate students, postdocs and faculty.

On Aug. 15, the Taliban took over the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, following the decision from the United States to fully withdraw all military from the country. The withdrawal of U.S.

The National Science Foundation has announced the award of $12.5 million to Arizona State University for the development of a new 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies recommend wearing masks to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, but does the kind of mask — cloth, surgical or respi

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping. And yet, sleep remains a mystery — and for many, a struggle.

Climate migration is expected to displace more than 200 million people in the next three decades, according to a recent World Bank report.

This summer, the Critical Languages Institute held its 30th year of language classes.

A new study led by Arizona State University paleoanthropologist Curtis Marean and ASU doctoral graduate

The Carnegie-Knight News21 program, a national multi-university reporting initiative headquartered at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journali

Editor's note: This story originally appeared in the fall 2021 issue of ASU Thrive magazine.

The ASU Foundation was among 71 Arizona nonprofit organizations to receive surprise grants from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

This year, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University will host the inaugural Humanities Week

For many students in Arizona State University’s School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, learning goes on all year-ro

Alexandra Navrotsky has long been invested in materials science as a researcher and professor, and with her most recent donation to Arizona Sta

A recent report by the U.S.

Food production depends on phosphorus. It’s an essential nutrient for crops of every kind.

ASU 365 Community Union presents the return of “Movies on the Field” at Sun Devil Stadium with "In the

TEDxASUWest 2021 — returning to Arizona State University this month — seeks to explore the theme of regeneration across contexts: how it is possible to create something new out of what alread

If you’re old enough, you may still have a box of cassettes or VHS tapes lying around.

In recent months, the terms “COVID fatigue” or “pandemic fatigue” have been used to describe the exhausted state of mind many people have endured because of lifestyle changes brought forth by the g

ASU Music Theatre and Opera announces a 2021–22 season that includes works selected with a focus on providing e

Rebecca Sandefur, a sociology professor in the School of Social and Family Dynamics, was awarde

The number seven is often associated with good fortune, but luck had nothing to do with ASU’s latest accomplishment: For the seventh year in a row, the university is ranked No.

The newest U.S. News & World Report rankings are out, and once again the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University improved its position.

Five programs in the Ira A.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is the most sophisticated rover NASA has ever sent to the red planet.

Arizona State University has had lots of famous alumni: Pat Tillman, Kate Spade, Nick Nolte, Reggie Jackson, Steve Allen and Barry Bonds. But not any alumni astronauts.

Until now.

New research shows that social support from friends can shield people at risk of alcohol use disorders.

They’ve got the year-round sunshine. They’ve got the big lake. They’ve got the mountains. And now they have more students.

From her start in justice studies to later pursuing a passion for physics, Senior Lecturer Allison Boley will be teaching Physics 191 at Arizona

Arizona State University's Delta Theta chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honors Society, has been awarde

The Economic Club of Phoenix speaker series — hosted by the W. P.

“Our Poly hearts are broken,” says Meghan McLaughlin, an aviation program advising coordinator, to describe her grief over the death of

Wenwen Li, professor in Arizona State University's School of Geographical Sciences and

The Sept.

From the global response to terrorism and the subversive weaponization of narratives, to the evolution of crisis management and guardians of civil liberties — 9/11 forced us to think differen

Arizona State University ranked No. 1 on Sierra magazine's 15th annual "coolest schools" competitive ranking of the most environmentally friendly colleges and universities in North America.

When people think of Arizona State University and the Sun Devils, desert landscapes and simmering Phoenix days come to mind.

In the days that followed the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, U.S. President George W.

Three U.S. sites.

Four commercial airplanes.

19 hijackers.

102 minutes.

2,977 souls lost.

The terrorist attacks that took the lives of almost 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001, continue to haunt and define us some 20 years later.

Drawing on inspiration from photosynthesis and the way it can achieve high efficiency in plants, Regents Professors Tom Moore and

Walking with coffee is something most of us do every day without considering the balancing act it requires. In fact, there’s a lot of physics preventing the coffee from spilling over.

Twenty years later, engineering students continue to learn from the structural factors that contributed to the collapse of World Trade Center buildings following the airplane impacts on 9/11.

For every generation, there is at least one collective, momentous occasion that leaves an indelible mark on the timeline of their lives.

Five new faculty members joined Arizona State University’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change this fall, bringing expertise on topics including food sec

By all appearances, the universe beyond Earth is a vast, lonely and sterile space. Yet, wherever humans may travel, an abundance of microbial life will follow.

Proteins are the molecular machines that make all living things hum. They stop deadly infections, heal cells, capture energy from the sun and so much more.

Twenty years ago, the country saw images of police officers heroically running into buildings that would soon come crashing down.

The ancient Greek philosopher and historian Plutarch once wrote, "Medicine to produce health must examine disease.” And for the generations upon generations of physicians since Plutarch’s time, med

In the hot, arid environment of Phoenix and surrounding Sonoran Desert, ancient creatures flourish. Bark scorpions are among Earth’s oldest terrestrial animals.

Tim Richards, a professor and the Marvin and June Morrison Endowed Chair in the Morrison School of Agribusiness at the W. P.

Arizona State University graduate students and faculty recently traveled to Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, in Sonora, Mexico, to obtain real-world

Products manufactured using plastics, foams and other polymers are used around the world.

The Phoenix Indian Center recently honored Christopher Sharp (Colorado River Indian tribes), a clinical assistant professor in Arizona State Univesrity's Schoo

The ASU Art Museum is opening a new social justice exhibit on Friday in which 12 artists have created new works that explore the tragedy of mass incarceration.

Legal online sports betting is coming to Arizona this week, bringing a taste of Las Vegas-style entertainment to the Valley.

Derrick Beetso, a 2010 alumnus of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, has been named to take the helm of the college’s Indian gami

Meeting society’s growing energy needs has become a daunting challenge for humanity.

As Congress advances legislation to invest $550 billion in new funding for national infrastructure projects, the specific priorities in each industry category remain undefined.

Arizona State University alumnus Chris Gisriel, currently a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Chemistry at Yale University, was recently awarded a Pathway to Independence Award by the Nat

The discovery of graphene — a single layer of graphite, also known as charcoal — revolutionized our understanding of low-dimensional materials and unraveled their potential for applications in quan

The Pandemic Reader” is a new collection of essays edited by faculty in Arizona State University's School of Social Transformation, in Th

Arizona PBS will honor the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with the national premiere of “Sandra Day

ASU School of Arts, Media and Engineering Director Pavan Turaga has set a goal to empower all current and future students in the program with technofluency, a key pillar in the school’s mission sta

Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Arizona State University vice president for cultural affairs and ASU Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. committee chair, is soliciting nominations for the 2022 ASU Dr.

It was once a place where people cleared out after work, where most restaurants closed by 3 p.m., where only the occasional sports game or First Fridays art walk drew a younger crowd.

As a registered nurse, Jasmine Bhatti knows that patients leaving the hospital may still have a long road to full recovery.

An Arizona State University professor has found a way to track malevolent social media bots by using a human touch.

This semester, five new faculty members are joining the College of Global Futures.

Microwaves do more than just heat up your leftovers. These invisible waves of electromagnetic radiation can also be used in a variety of imaging applications.

Ross Emmett, director of Arizona State University’s Center for the Study of Economic Liberty and professor

Times Higher Education rankings released today place Arizona State University in the top 8% of worldwide universities, and among the top 50 in the United States.

Research has shown that excessive alcohol use


In an overwhelming response to a call for stories and perspectives related to justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, more than 100 Arizona State University graduate students and postdocs submitt

Nobody ever said getting a book published was easy.

In the early solar system, terrestrial planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are thought to have formed from planetesimals, small early planets.

The United States is preparing to spend $1 trillion on repairing and upgrading the country’s infrastructure.

Arizona State University, an emerging national leader in educating the next generation in engineering and science, ranks fourth in the United States for undergraduate degrees in STEM-related fields

The Arizona State University Library has appointed Alex Soto to the position of director of the Labriola National American Indian Data Center, t

Across the scientific community, the repeated testing of studies has always been central to progress.

There are scores of campus guides, directories and maps for Arizona State University.

An Arizona State University assistant professor says laws regarding natural resources on public land are antiquated and prevent voluntary conservation.

On a remote trail in California’s Sierra National Forest called the Devil’s Gulch, a family of three and their dog were recntly found dead. Authorities were at a loss to explain what happened.

In the crowded landscape of divisive topics and misinformation in the U.S.

Solvents have long been indispensable to a broad range of major industries.

A new research report by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University found that Latino and Native American people in partic

The Melikian Center’s Critical Languages Institute, in its 30th year of offering summer courses in less commonly t

Broadband is on the national agenda as leaders aim to address the digital divide, deepened during the pandemic.

The anticipation is building for the Arizona State University-led NASA Psyche mission team, as the countdown clock now displays the mission’s launch as less th

What do you want to fix in the world? A nagging problem like parking, or a global crisis like infant deaths?

Climate, cotton, cattle, citrus and copper.

Arizona’s five Cs have historically been the backbone of the state’s economy.

Arizona State University Department of Physics Professor Frank Wilczek has been featured in a Washington Post article.

While many pursue a career in health out of a love for nutrition, exercise or medicine, Michael Yudell’s path began as a history major.

When people think of coral reefs, images of beautiful colors and structures come to mind.

Social workers help people better navigate life’s difficulties, usually dispatched from government agencies and social service providers.

Douglas Shepherd, an assistant professor in Arizona State University’s Department of Physics, was recently awarded two Scial

Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative and Learning Enterprise, in collaboration with the

Dale Rogers, the ON Semiconductor Professor of Business in the Department of Supply Chain Management at the W. P.

Kyle Squires, dean of Arizona State University’s Ira A.

Everyone, no matter where they’re located, now has the power to visit Arizona State University's Map and Geospatial Hub, located on the third floor of Hayden Library, to explore and access it

Kay Norton, musicologist and professor in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre, received the Distinguishe

For the first time in what feels like a very long time, Arizona State University's campuses are abuzz with activity as students, staff and faculty return for in-person learning for fall 2021.

Arizona State University’s fall semester has just begun, and that usually means three things: Students are back on campus, professors are honing their lesson plans and extreme heat will linger for

Several award-winning journalists from around the world are part of this year’s cohort of Hubert H.

Over the last two decades, scientists have found ice in many locations on Mars.

With the start of a new semester this fall, Patricia Rankin, Department of Physics chair, talks about her visions for the department and answer

Harnessing energy from light and transforming it into other usable forms is fundamental to many renewable energy systems as well as the production of clean fuels.

Eduardo Pagán, the newly appointed associate dean of Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University’s West campus, said he wants students to know this about him:

The Poynter Institute’s PolitiFact will move its offices to Arizona State University’s location in the heart of Washington,

The news headlines following the publication of the United Nations’ latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report

Child sexual abuse is a major problem in Indian Country, yet federal government data suggests hundreds of cases may be falling through the cracks, according to a new project from the Howard Center

Every fall at Arizona State University, a new class of Sun Devils is welcomed into a Community of Care: a place of learning and growth where every

The American Political Science Association has named Arizona State University Associate Professor Mark Ramirez’s most recent book the Best Book

Arizona State University’s School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies is welcoming two new postdoctoral scholars beginning this fall.

If you're a male chimp, it pays to make friends.

Approximately 60% of college students across the United States have reported poor sleep in the last year, with almost 10% meeting the criteria for insomnia.

Humans have an intimate relationship with food. It’s complex too. What seems like a good food may in fact not be so good.

Five new faculty members joined the School of International Letters and Cultures this fall, bringing their expertise on a range of topics including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and American Sign La

For the first time in its 175-year history, the Associated Press, an award-winning independent news organization, has appointed an Arizona State University faculty member to sit on its board of dir

When it comes to the topic of transgender athletes competing in sports, people have a lot to say. But it's more than just talk.

This past Monday, the United Nations released its latest report on climate change: Global warming, unequivocally human-caused, cannot be stopped.

A portmanteau of science and dialogue, Scialog supports research and mult

As a word, crystallography sounds like the study of crystals. And as a branch of science, it did begin by examining the external forms of crystals and minerals.

A group of Arizona State University students explored the intersection of art and science and found astounding beauty.

As Pat Tillman’s life recedes further into the past, the legend of his courage and sacrifice has grown, elevating him to an almost mythical figure in Arizona State University history.

It’s not often in sports you get a win-win situation, but that was the case this past weekend when members of the SC del Sol soccer club paid a visit to the 

The celebrations were underway.

Faculty members in Arizona State University's School of International Letters and Cultures kept busy over the s

Sleep has become elusive for many as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research from Arizona State University’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

Leadership at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University has announced the appointment of

The recently launched National Security Academic Accelerator (NSA2) pilot

Arizona State University has been awarded two new grants to support education among Arizona’s tribal communities.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order last week

Researchers and staff at Arizona State University’s Family Violence Center confront domestic violence through aid to families and a w

Despite years of declaring that conversion of high-voltage, long-distance electrical transmission lines to underground installation was cost prohibitive,

Deanna Swoboda, associate professor in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre in Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, is the first woman to be awarded the

Former U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May recently joined former U.S. Defense Secretary and inaugural John S.

Erinanne Saffell, a senior lecturer in Arizona State University’s School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, remember

What is sacred? If something is sacred, can it be sold?

Arizona State University Assistant Professor Henry Thomson has been chosen as a member of the first cohort of visiting fellows for the Program

The craft brew industry has boomed over the past few years, and new research by an Arizona State University professor shows that while the brewers would like to use sustainable practices, many don’

Arizona State University's College of Global Futures is dedicated to creating a sustainable, equitable and vibr

Elizabeth Larson was 21 when she first traveled abroad as an undergraduate student on a college winter immersion trip to Yucatán, the Mexican state known for its Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean beache

This fall, the humanities division at Arizona State University will welcome scholar Elisa New as the first-ever

Among animal behavior researchers, the concept of social hierarchy is more or less taken for granted. Most social species have one, though the degree of extremity can vary greatly.

Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre welcomes international music engineer and producer Jorge Costa Palazuelos as assi

Do you remember the first time you heard the Christmas sounds of Mannheim Steamroller?

Last week’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcement went about as well as a game of telephone.

A group of researchers from Arizona State University has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundat

Two Arizona State University researchers were recently awarded $25,000 each to pilot projects focused on dementia research.

Serving over 125,000 students (on-campus and online), 15,000 staff and 4,000 faculty members, to say that Arizona State University has a large volume of data would be an understatement.


If someone asked you to explain what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, could you?

NASA has funded an Arizona State University project to use commercial CubeSat data to determine the presence of water in arid and semiarid rivers in California and Arizona.

If three is a crowd, four is likely to be a bit overwhelming at times. Fraternal quadruplets Felipe, Jeremias, Matheus and Victor de Castro Lopes Francisco would probably agree.

ASU Sun Devil Stadium recently earned a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification by the U.S.

It’s not easy bein' green, a famous frog once said.

In the case of a certain legendary knight, it’s not a spoiler to say that sometimes being green will cost you your head.

Of all the creatures on Earth, humans manipulate their environments the most. But, how far can we push it before something drastic happens?

The distance between the work of academia and the society that work is intended to improve is something scholars themselves often lament, but two publications from Arizona State University faculty

A new study from scientists using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) radio telescope suggests that previously displ

The health of a cell is largely determined by the health of its DNA and the genetic information it carries.

Karen Schupp, associate professor and associate director of curriculum and instruction in ASU's School of Music, Dance and Theatre, has been awarded both the Susan W.

Walking is just putting one foot in front of the other, but there are complex biomechanical factors taking place throughout each step — especially in the ankle.

Laundry and dishwasher pods: The simplicity of grabbing a pod and tossing it into a washing machine or dishwasher has made them a popular choice for many consumers for nearly a decade.

A team of faculty members and students in the Ira A.

In the world of large, macroscopic objects, it is often easy to understand what and why something is happening.

Frank Dillon is the new director of the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy in the

Terraforming is a science fiction staple, from "Dune" to "Star Wars" to hundreds of other stories.

To get into the Olympic spirit, we quizzed some of our favorite Sun Devil athletes.

The Tokyo Olympics, starting July 23, will be remembered for three things: a complete lack of spectators, being postponed a year because of a pandemic and searing heat.

Starting this week, more than 7,000 hours of coverage of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo will be broadcast on two networks and various streaming platforms.

One of Matt Bell’s goals as a novelist is to write at least one book in every genre he loves.

Citius, altius, fortius. For those of us who avoided Latin in high school, that translates to “faster, higher, stronger,” and there couldn’t be a more fitting official motto of the Olympics.

With the opening ceremony set for Friday, July 23, the Tokyo Olympics are officially a go after a year of delays due to COVID-19. So now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Summer Games.

The Zoom screen showed big smiles and laughter from attendees.

Early in the pandemic, many who became infected with COVID-19 reported that they had lost their sense of smell and have yet to regain it.

Arizona State University is partnering with Intuitive Machines on a mini extreme mobility lunar vehicle, called Micro-Nova, that will hop around the moon’s surface and take the first-ever pictures

Paola Sanguinetti, noted expert in technology, sustainability and architecture, has been named the new director of The Design School in Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and

People don't generally associate toothbrushing with Alzheimer's disease.

Broadband continues to lead discussions at the national level in the United States.

In the early morning of July 7, Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in his h

The ASU School of Music, Dance and Theatre welcomes Joyce McCall as assistant professor of music learning and teaching.

When it’s 115 degrees outside, wolves pant, tortoises burrow underground and elephants flap their ears.

Scientists have been sounding the alarm on the climate crisis for nearly three decades, and we still face major challenges.

This fall, critically acclaimed sci-fi and fantasy writer Nnedi Okorafor will join The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The ASU-led team that built NASA’s Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, or “LunaH-Map” for short, has safely delivered their spacecraft to NASA’s Kennedy Space Cente

Scientists at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, the Arizona Geological Survey at the University of Arizona, and the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Color

The Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University has selected

Seventy-five years ago, in the summer of 1946, President Harry Truman signed an executive order to officially terminate the

Lauren Sarah Hayes, musician, sound artist and assistant professor in Arizona State University's School of Arts, Media and Engineering, is receiving praise for her latest album of improvised

Craig Calhoun, senior sustainability scientist at the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation and a Uni


Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez, Regents Professor and founding director emeritus in Arizona State University's School of Transborder Studies, has been hono

Autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly common across the United St

Every day we interact with products manufactured using polymer chemistry — whether shower stalls, automotive parts, concrete structures or a wide range of plastics.

Two Arizona State University professors have been invited to join a prestigious new initiative that’s intended to empower African experts to help shape policy in Africa.

Students in the transdisciplinary School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University will be empowered by “technofluency,” a conce

Hollywood has reached another milestone in LGBTQ representation, and this one is definitely moving the needle.

Tijana Rajh has been announced as the new director of Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences.

After nearly six years at Arizona State University, award-winning writer and journalist Steven Beschloss is taking on a new role within the uni

Some 80 million to 100 million people in the U.S. have a serious medical condition known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

This fall, the ASU Child Study Lab is opening its doors to children once again for in-person instruction and is expanding its virtual cl

Arizona State University Regents Professor Bruce Rittmann has been named the 2021 recipient of the 

In May 2017, James Wermers was leading a presentation on microaggressions and structural racism in a room of ov

Last January, Subway found itself embroiled in a class-action lawsuit when a lab test concluded the fast foo

An ASU study takes a deeper look into the science of hope. Being hopeful is more than just being optimistic.

Although it may not yet be at the level of Iron Man’s exoskeleton, a new power and endurance device from Arizona State University is giving U.S.

As school districts around the country ramp up to welcoming students back in person full time, the Nationa

An academic leadership role hadn’t really crossed Megha Budruk’s mind before the Watts College of Publ

Walking is just one foot in front of the other for almost everyone. But even that simple process can prove precarious for people suffering from conditions ranging from joint damage to dementia.

Talking about creativity in business via Zoom, Glenn Edens sits close to the laptop camera. He listens intently and speaks thoughtfully.

Like everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused upheaval in the criminal justice system, with disruptions in trials and outbreaks among incarcerated people.

Following a 10-year run as dean of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, Douglas Sylvester has decided to step down due to personal

During the Baroque era, Peter Paul Rubens painted lush figures. In Imperial China, a plus-size woman was a classic beauty by the standards of the time. In Gilded Age America, tycoons like J.P.

As Charlotte Thrall sat anxiously waiting in the emergency room at Mayo Clinic for news of her husband’s condition after a pickleball accident left him unconscious and unresponsive, her mind spun w

Arizona State University researchers will help lead a $1.2 million, multi-institution project that will use a new theoretical framework and state-of-the-art technology to tackle a long-standing que

Cue the “Jaws” theme song — it’s Shark Week time, and ASU Professor James Sulikowski

New Morse Code, a group co-founded by Arizona State Univesity School of Music, Dance and Theatre Assistant Professor Michael Compitello, recently won the grand prize in the

Felicia Ganther’s higher education career spans more than a quarter century and includes a PhD degree from Arizona State University.

A new study has shown that people in the U.S. relied more on science than religion to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  

New research by an Arizona State University professor shows that when companies say, “We’re sorry,” it doesn’t always make them look better, at least in the short term.

A passive carbon-capture system, based on the research of Klaus Lackner, an engineering professor at Arizona State University and director of t

Besides the usual cornucopia of courses, the Department of English at Arizona St

The empty grocery shelves and miles-long food bank queues we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the fragility of the highly centralized, “just-in-time” global food supply chain

Likening her situation to a new coach taking over an already winning sports team, Kelly Bricker is becoming director of the highly successful

The Phoenix Suns advanced to the NBA Finals after a hard-fought series with the Los Angeles Clippers, taking them in a 4-2 game series Wednesday night.

A book, a golf club, flowers or a gift card to a favorite restaurant are nice things to honor someone on their birthday or a special occasion, but it turns out what people really yearn for are expe

With an ever-globalizing world, the realm of study abroad has shifted. Students can gain a global perspective beyond a typical semester in the classroom of a foreign country.

Arizona State University’s Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems has issued a new report on how the organic food market can be imp

When Barbara Trapido-Lurie was hired by Arizona State University as a cartographer in fall 1987, the geography dep

When James Riding In first came to Arizona State University as a lecturer in fall 1990, Native American scholars


Enzymes are one of the most important biological compounds because they make life possible by increasing the speed of reactions inside and outside cells.

The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University has named Sarah J.

John Spence, the Richard Snell Professor of Physics and an ASU Regents Professor, died peacefully Monday morning, June 28, in Boston. 

For the second straight year, a program of Arizona State University's School of Social Work will receive the

Nancy Gonzales is used to tackling challenges.

She was the first in her family to earn a college degree.

She recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro in blizzard conditions.

Arizona Humanities is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Humanities Awards.

Researchers at Arizona State University have earned 16 National Science Foundation early faculty career awards, dating back to late 2020.

A team of Arizona State University researchers from the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, the 

Mars Express, a spacecraft launched by the European Space Agency in 2003, is the second longest surviving continually active spacecraft in orbit around a planet other than Earth, behind only NASA's

Although metro Phoenix may not always be a top destination during Arizona's hot summer months, cooler destinations in the state are — like the Grand Canyon, ranked third by

Effective diagnostics, therapies and treatments for diseases and infections could increasingly involve reengineering the body’s internal biomechanisms at their most basic chemical and molecular fou

The development of clean energy has historically been an important research area for Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences.

Almost every morning Duane Roen walks to his office on Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus about 6 a.m.

Regents' Professor Stephen Bokenkamp, a faculty member in the School of International Letter

The human body contains approximately 200 different kinds of cells, including many kinds of stem cells that have the potential to turn into a variety of specialized cells.

Shawn Banzhaf has seen things that most people never do — death and carnage on the battlefield.  

"Flags and Founding Documents, 1776–Today," a museum exhibition that recently opened in the 

This week, 33 middle and high school students from Oahu and the neighboring islands arrived at Hawai’i Pacific University’s (HPU)

This summer, as more and more people are returning to work, the thought at the forefront of a lot of dog owners’ minds is the same: How can I help prepare Fido for my absence?

The Graduate College has announced the recipients of its inaugural Graduate College Staff Awards for Excellence.

Eleven students in a new Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College degree program have been hired by the Foundation for Blind Children, after just a year in the program.

Arizona State University Department of Physics Teacher-in-Residence Kelli Warble is concerned about the state of physics education in Arizo

For blue-water sailors, the French Frigate Shoals is often thought of as a place with significant wildlife and deep cultural meaning.

When Arvind Varsani arrived in the Antarctica for the first time a decade ago, he noted that the world looked black and white — from the

Juneteenth — now a federal holiday — commemorates the end of slavery in America.

Daniel Brouwer, associate professor of rhetorical studies at Arizona State University's Hugh

This fall, Arizona State University will welcome renowned writers Mitchell S. Jackson and Safiya Sinclair to The College of Liberal Arts and Science’s Department of English. 

Jeffrey Timmermans, an accomplished business journalist and educator, has been named the Reynolds Chair in Business Journalism at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and

ASU graduate Kamaldeen Okuneye and Foundation Professor Abba B.

For the third consecutive year, ASU is in the top 10 for U.S.

For many, managing chronic pain means getting a prescription for some form of opioid medicine, despite the documented risks. According to the U.S.

While celebrating Juneteenth, the new federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States, the Arizona Diamondbacks will also honor

Everybody loves a good deal.

If you thought a book about the orthographic significance of the hyphen would be dull, think again.

Liesel Sharabi, an assistant professor in the Hugh Downs School of Human Com

As normalcy begins to come back into our lives, what habits that we adopted during the pandemic are we most likely to continue?

Nonny de la Peña, dubbed the "Godmother of Virtual Reality” by Forbes and the Guardian, is joining Arizona State University to design and lead a new graduate program and center in emerging media an

Friends and family members of a grieving person often will advise them to talk to a counselor, to “keep busy” or engage in some other activity they think will help.

At her core, Nancy Selover is a storyteller, and she's arguably the biggest evangelist of Arizona weather and its patterns for the past 20 years.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University offers a variety of courses on gender and sexuality as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ)

How we use technology reveals a lot about us, especially in times of crisis.

On July 12, 1995, a days-long heat wave began in Chicago. On July 13, Midway International Airport clocked in at 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia and is characterized by neurodegeneration in regions of the brain involved in memory and learning.

The North American tour of the smash-hit musical “Mean Girls” will relaunch this November following an

“Hamilton” is launching a national tour in Tempe, kicking off the return to Broadway at ASU Gammage. Pe

Devoney Looser, Regents and Foundation Professor of English at Arizona State University, has uncovered new informatio

For decades, physicians and dieticians have urged people to limit their intake of high-fat foods, citing links to poor health outcomes and some of the leading causes of death in the U.S., such as d

Topping the headlines again, Arizona State University Associate Professor Natalie Diaz has been awarded the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for h

In “Pride,” a new FX docuseries currently streaming on Hulu, ASU Associate Professor of film and media studies

Cynthia Lietz, a President’s Professor of social work who has served as vice dean since 2016, has

House Democrats pushed through legislation in April

Academic entrepreneurs looking to translate their research from the lab to the marketplace often face a daunting challenge: the valley of death.

Infrastructure — it’s one of those words we think we understand, but it can be a hard concept to wrap our brains around.

Jennifer Weiler, an Arizona State University media arts and sciences postdoctoral alumna and current faculty associate, is releasing a comic book this summer that teaches users how to use cod

The largest study of its kind has unveiled new insights into how genes are regulated in dementia, including discovering 84 new genes linked to the disease.

In her new, intimate memoir, Cindy McCain opens up about her beloved husband, the late Sen.

Jonathan Koppell, dean of the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, has been named the next president of Montclair State University, a leading public research university in New J

Two recent Arizona State University graduates are on their way to medical school this summer, thanks to the opportunity to earn bachelor’s degrees through ASU Online.

More than 2.7 million American children are directly affected by the current incarceration of a parent or loved one.

ASU Polytechnic campus has rolled out the welcome mat for several distinguished — and feathered — guests: four burrowing owls.

Families providing round-the-clock care to infirm veterans or military members will have volunteer respite caregivers to help them for another three years, as a federal agency renewed funding for a

Every new academic year brings new faces to the university.

Before opening her Tempe restaurant, 24Carrots Natur

Internationally recognized and award-winning dancer, choreographer, educator and performer LaTasha Barnes joins the dance faculty in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Thea

While DNA provides the genetic recipe book for biological form and function, it is the job of the body’s proteins to carry out the complex commands dictated by DNA’s genetic code.

When Karen Bruhn received the 2012 Arizona State University Faculty Achievement Teaching Award for her work as an honors faculty fellow at Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, she said: “I feel real

Worldwide people have experienced the effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in collective trauma to our physical and mental safety. Individuals on the front lines, specifically educators an

In 1990, the U.S. Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A recent survey of the top 1,300 highest-grossing films released in the U.S.

When the COVID-19 pandemic pushed education and thousands of jobs online seemingly overnight, many Arizona State University faculty and students found themselves in uncharted territory.

It’s a bright, hot summer day. To cool off, you have the choice of taking shelter under a shade sail, in the shade of a tall building or beneath a leafy tree.

Two local artists exploring themes of unity, joy and initiation are exhibiting their work this summer at the

Along the lower banks of the Salt River, dense thickets of tall, weedlike invasive saltcedar and giant reed threaten native vegetation vital to preserving the biodiversity of one of the few r

As part of Arizona State University’s commitment to developing the concept of digital trust as it pertains to higher education, the University Technology Office has announced the

Associate Professor Grisha Coleman of the ASU Herberger Institute’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering has been named a 2021–22 fellow

ASU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice has renamed the annual Alumni Scholar Award for a distinguished member of its faculty who retired this spring.

Regents Professor Flavio Marsiglia’s “outstanding contributions to advancing the field of prevention science” throughout a long and distinguished

The ASU Foundation has been awarded a $250,000 grant by the American Arbitration Association – International Centre for Dispute Resolution (AAA-ICDR) Fo


The School of Molecular Sciences is part of a group awarded a JEDI — Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion — seed grant from The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University.

Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences recognizes and congratulates its faculty member promotions, as announced by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

While scientists know the discovery of alien life would be a game-changing, interstellar event for humanity, the search to date has been unsuccessful.

The competition is over, but the impact will stay with students and the Arizona community. 

What can we learn from developing societies around the world about mitigating risk and sharing resources during a disaster?

Australian researchers recently reported a sharp decline in the abundance of coral along the Great Barrier Reef.

A team of scientists at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute has successfully achieved a milestone five years in the making — generating the first electrons from their highly innovative c

It’s no coincidence that the exhibit map for “Telephone,” an ambitious project that enlists creators of all kinds to mimic the classic children’s game by “w

Ambiguity is a challenging concept to embrace, but doing so can unlock the creativity and innovation needed to make big changes, according to a design expert from Stanford University.

“I have lived through the massacre every day. Our country may forget this history, but I cannot. I will not. And other survivors do not. And our descendants do not.”

In the social sciences division of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, students and faculty impact and pioneer solutions to society’s challenges through an underst

This July, Camilla Fojas will join Arizona State University as the new director of the School of Social Transformation.

Infrastructure has always been a target in warfare, according to Mikhail Chester, an associate professor of civil and enviro

More than 220 students will receive bachelor’s degrees this month from

In a first for Arizona, the Novus Innovation Corridor earned LEED-ND Gold certification last month from the U.S. Green Building Council.

More than 40% of college students do not graduate after six years. And, though women are more likely to graduate college than men, they remain underrepresented in STEM and business careers.  

More than 220 students will receive bachelor’s degrees this month from

Compared to the first silicon-based transistors of the 1950s, the extraordinary capabilities of today’s consumer electronics seem like the stuff of science fiction.

In what reads like a piece of advice from a 19th-century version of Marie Kondo, British textile designer William Morris once wrote, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful o

Magda Hinojosa, professor at Arizona State University, has been named the new director for the School of Politics and Global

Less than a mile south of the Loop 101 in northeast Phoenix, on a plot of land that just two years ago was nothing but dirt, a new silhouette that represents the future of health care in Arizona ha

Three Arizona State University undergraduates have been chosen for the Killam Fellowships Program, an exchange program that will give the students the opportunity to study in Canada during the 2021

Generation Z have been told throughout their high school and collegiate careers that their technology use would distract them in the workplace.

Jeff McClelland was a dedicated and accomplished executive at the time of his death in 2006.

President Joe Biden’s proposed American Families Plan would spend $1.8 t

Every bookworm in Phoenix knows that one of the best ways to ride out triple-digit temperatures is to chill out indoors with a good summer read.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University offers courses that nearly every ASU student takes at some point in

In spite of decades of research, cancer remains an enigma. Conventional wisdom holds that cancer is driven by random mutations that create aberrant cells that run amok in the body.  

Professor Timothy Steimle has enjoyed a productive career at Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences.

The current prognosis for our world’s coral reefs is bleak. With ever-warming, more polluted and acidic oceans, models predict that 70% to 90% of coral reefs will be lost by 2050.

Now more than two and half decades into his career, Samuel Ariaratnam has seen only a few of those years go by without an award or other notable

Scenic designer Arnel Sancianco joins the School of Music, Dance and Theatre in Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts this fall. 

There were some silver linings to the panic and scramble of redirecting an in-person event with hundreds of registrants to an online conference held in March 2020.

Ants are renowned in the insect world for their complex social structure and behaviors.

Ziqi Li, an Arizona State University alumnus with a PhD in geography from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

While scientists have amassed considerable knowledge of the rocky planets in our solar system, like Earth and Mars, much less is known about the icy water-rich planets, Neptune and Uranus.

The U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board have announced that Tess M.S.

Arizona State University’s School of Molecular Sciences is one of three institutions nationwide selected this year to join the American Chemical Society’s Bridge Program.

An idea popped into Erin Schneiderman’s mind as the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine entered her arm during an early-morning appointment in the State Farm Stadium parking lot.

This week, Nika Gueci, executive director at the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilie

It’s President Joe Biden’s goal to have 70% of all U.S.

Broadening access to higher education. Advancing research that helps people. Taking responsibility for the communities it serves.

Colonial Pipeline Co., which operates 5,500 miles of pipeline that delivers 45% of gas and jet fuel to the East Coast of the U.S., was shut down on May 7 by an organization now identified as the ra

Military spouses often face situations and challenges that most civilians don’t — deployments, long periods of separation and adhering to codes that sometimes can stifle human emotion.

Robert Shuter, an intercultural communication scholar at Arizona State University's Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and professor eme

New research from Arizona State University has found that it’s cheaper to build permanent, supportive housing for people who have chronic mental illness than it is to let them become homeless.

Battinto Batts Jr.

What people believe happens after death guides how they think about the Earth and how they behave, including whether they choose to recycle or buy energy-efficient appliances, a new study shows.

Six days after the Colonial Pipeline was attacked by cyberhackers and left millions hanging at the gas pum

Many consumers rarely think about where the food and products they buy come from, nor do they understand how harmful the production of these items can be on people and our environment.

Danko Šipka, professor of Slavic languages and applied linguistics in the

Professors from Arizona State University’s W. P.

Deep within Liberia’s dense rainforests lives one of the most intelligent and threatened species on the planet: the western chimpanzee. 

Arizona! The sunsets. The saguaros. The snakes.

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The modern, industrialized society is not how humans have always lived.

In fact, the last 200 years make up only a tiny portion of human history.

May is Nurses Month, which honors the nation’s registered nurses through celebrations, education and

A person with a serious mental illness must confront the difficult decision of whether to reveal their disorder in their workplace.

As businesses and destinations begin to reopen from the pandemic shutdown, consumers will likely see more places going cashless.

According to the myth of Pandora, even when all the evils of the world were unleashed — hope was protected.

In April 2019, Arizona State University said goodbye

The Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University has awarded funding to six new seed grant projects f

Since 2016, Jake Agron has led the Arizona Senate Research Department, which provides nonpartisan, objective research and policy analysis to the elected members of the chamber.

Phoenix-area high school students were virtually transported to rural Kenya to solve a real-world engineering challenge through an Ira A.

The economic outlook for Arizona and the U.S. is promising as the deep recession sparked by the pandemic quickly recedes, according to three Arizona State University experts.

In the late 1980s, University of Connecticut researcher Lawrence E. Armstrong was looking for a way to assess hydration.

The Watts College of Public Service of Community Solutions celebrated in person with nearly 450 graduates May 3 for a part-virtual, part-live spring con

To honor its Class of 2021, the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University staged a truly unique college graduation.

On a recent Friday afternoon in Glendale, Arizona, the quiet stillness that has defined many a college campus this past year was suddenly and joyously pierced by the peal of the Bool Bell, traditio

Down at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus on May 3, more than 30 grads from the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts attended an in-person get-together in the breezeway of Santa Cat

Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour, called on the Cronkite School’s newest graduates to build their careers based on what inspires them, to be patient with themselves and

As an Asian American interested in conservation and environmental science, still largely white-dominated disciplines in the U.S., Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences Professor

Pollen is widely known both as an incredibly important aspect of creating our ecosystems and as an annoyance to those who suffer from allergies.

After more than a year of working remotely, students in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University were finally able to see some of their fellow graduates and faculty members on We

For many of us, not a day goes by that we aren’t logging into an account for various tasks, entertainment or work. As such, we've all heard stories of failed password protection ...

Photographer and digital montage artist Stephen Marc has been named a 2021 Guggenheim Fellow 

QS World University Rankings has released its list of more than 300 of the top universities in the United States, with Arizona State University moving up nearly 30 spots to No.

Sam Primack, the 2017 ASU Gammage Rising Star Award recipient and winner of Best Lead Male at the 2017 AS

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Two faculty members from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences were recognized as exceptional mentors by Arizona State University's Faculty Women’s

“To read is to fly: It is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries.” — A.C.

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The Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) at Arizona State University has awarded fellowships to eight ASU faculty for the 2021–22 academic year. 


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Higher education has myriad equity issues: The gap between “elite universities” and other institutions continues to increase, tuition prices are inaccessible for most and admission requirements are

Columbine. Sandy Hook. Orlando. Las Vegas. All tragedies involving gun violence that resulted in multiple civilian fatalities and injuries.

Successful and rewarding career paths are sometimes discovered rather than planned.

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers publishes a Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.

"Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it." — George Lucas

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Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of 

You may know someone who has undergone bariatric surgery — an intense medical procedure that reduces the size of a person’s stomach to help with rapid weight loss.

The subseafloor constitutes one of the largest and most understudied ecosystems on Earth.

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University announces the addition of the McCarthy Institute and Executive Director David Franklyn to the co

In the intro to her new book, “Blackface,” ASU Regents Professor of English

A first-generation immigrant, Kenro Kusumi came to the United States when he was 2 years old.

Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Arizona State University professor and planetary scientist, has been elected to the

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Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of 

Some things seem to happen without direction. Fish form schools to deter predators and ants form rafts to survive floods.

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In a year that has put a glaring spotlight on America's long and troubled history with systemic racism and social injustice, ASU President Michael Crow

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Mexico and the U.S. are connected by a constant flow of people, goods and investment across the 1,954-mile border they share and far beyond it.

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Following a rise in xenophobia directed toward Asian Americans at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the past few months have seen a string of high-profile attacks that increased awareness of

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The English Renaissance ended nearly 400 years ago, yet the people and creative works of that era can tell us a lot about ourselves today.

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Two members of the Arizona State University community are named in the new membership rolls of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced on April 22.

Arizona State University was named a Best Value College for 2021 by The Princeton Review.

Early last year, a committee was assembled with faculty members from all three Arizona public universities to help plan the first statewide American Statistical Association (ASA) DataF

Wireless technology is racing toward ubiquity. Innovative new commercial, scientific and military applications are emerging at an almost unimaginable rate.

Photocatalysts are useful materials, with a myriad of environmental and energy applications, including air purification, water treatment, self-cleaning surfaces, pollution-fighting paints and coati

At the small scale at which molecules exist, everything is in motion.

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Arizona State University remains a national leader in addressing sustainability when it comes to research, outreach and stewardship, according to an annual international publication of university r

A team of scientists, including Arizona State University’s Evgenya Shkolnik and

Sarah Amira de la Garza has been selected to receive the 2021 Gary S.

The Earth’s near-surface environment, known as Earth’s critical zone, supports most life on the planet.

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Members of the Arizona State University community have the chance to make a positive impact on the environment by taking part in Rio Reimagined Earth Day Cleanup Week events both virtual and in per

Reuben Miller, a chaplain at the Cook County Jail in Chicago, is the keynote speaker at the third annual National Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference, a virtual gathering of professionals h

Amanda Baldeneaux is living proof that a writer can create solid work under the most trying of circumstances.

Daniel E. Rivera, a professor of chemical engineering in the Ira A.

James Herbert Williams plans to keep a full schedule that includes editing two books and traveling to Africa once he concludes his four years as

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Three Arizona State University professors have received a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities grant for $100,000 to create an undergraduate certificate program in artificial int

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Just over a year ago, governments around the world issued stay-at-home orders, significantly changing day-to-day lives in an instant.

No offense to her fellow classmates, but recent ASU grad Jessie Erbe didn’t like the sound of “Class of 2021.”

To her ear, graduating in an even-numbered year landed better.

Autism does not discriminate.

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Editor's note: This story is part of a series of profiles of 

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Wrapping up the School of Music, Dance and Theatre’s 2020-2021 virtual performance season for dance is SpringDanceFest, and the lineup is set to move audiences beyond just the physical. 

Municipal parks and youth sports programs are gradually reopening as restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ease.

As reports of anti-Asian hate crimes have escalated across the country in recent months, nearly two dozen students, faculty and staff in the Scho

When the National Football League resumes in August for its 101st campaign, there will be a lot to celebrate.

As everyone has focused on longer and more frequent hand-washing during the pandemic, the availability of safe, clean water has never been more important.

Building on a long-standing partnership, Starbucks and Arizona State University are joining forces to create the ASU-Starbucks Center for the Future of

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has announced that Professor Meenakshi Wadhwa, director of Arizona State University's 

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was voted out of office in 2016, after 24 years as the county’s top cop.

For the 38th time, the W. P.

Across the Phoenix metropolitan area thousands of land parcels lay vacant. 

Arizona State University’s Leadership Academy — a yearlong leadership experience hailed as authentic and perspective-changing by participants — will graduate its eighth cohort in May and pass a mil

Sian Proctor is preparing to launch into space this fall, which makes complete sense.

Some of the best investigative stories are “hiding in plain sight” and buried just beneath the surface, but the details need to be gold-panned from the stream through documents, records and data, a

Arizona State University employs many unsung heroes, like Paul Liddell, who devote their lives and careers not only to research, but to helping others. Liddell, an associate research professional i

In fall 2020, after a renewed cry for social justice in America, Arizona State University President Michael Crow announced the university’s commitment to address social transformation by implementi

Two Arizona State University professors have trained the first crime analysts from nine small Caribbean nations.

Modern humans are the world’s apex predator. For tens of thousands of years, deep into the Stone Age, humans hunted and killed the largest animals on land and sea. How?

Last year, Michael McQuarrie was studying the street medics who supported the George Floyd protest

This spring, the Interplanetary Initiative held a tournament where ASU undergraduate students became citizens of an early Martian community charged wit

Arizona State University researcher Petra Fromme has received the 2021 Christian B. Anfinsen Award.

Arizona State University has announced that it will host and coordinate a new indoor public COVID-19 vaccination site on its Tempe campus at Desert Financial Arena, opening Monday, April 12.

Arizona State University's Center for the Study of Race and Democracy will feature influential civil rights and social justice leader Rev. William J.

Engineers and scientists can envision a future of increasingly productive interactions between humans and robots.

Arizona State University’s plans for its new ASU California Center in downtown Los Angeles took another step forward with the announcement that the W. P.

When Joanna Grabski took over as director of the School of Art at Arizona State University, she increased enrollment 20%, rebranded it as a globally oriented school for the 21st century, establishe

Sport can be considered one of the most powerful platforms to promote strength, empowerment and inclusion.

Obtaining a college degree is a wonderful achievement and a life-changing event, but parents want more for their children than just landing a well-paying job, Arizona State University President Mic

A partnership between Arizona State University and the Tempe Police Department has yielded a curriculum designed to help officers keep contacts with the public peaceful and productive — and a Team

The Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, a national reporting initiative at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, has won the top collegiate

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and creator of the landmark 1619 Project, wi

Observing its 20th anniversary, NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter, the longest-lived spacecraft at the red planet, has helped locate water ice, find land

Donatella Danielli became the new director of Arizona State Univesity's School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences on Jan. 1.

Despite a decade of widespread decline in humanities majors and enrollments at higher educat

This academic year alone, Arizona State University's Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services (SAILS) has served more than 7,000 on-campus and on

George Floyd, the man whose death in police custody launched a thousand protests in 2020, has reignited a critical conversation about systemic racism and social injustice around the world.

The Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University and the

Abba Gumel, Foundation Professor of mathematics in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Arizona State University, delivered virtually the Ameri

Building a baby lab is no small feat, though its subjects may have some (small feet, that is).

The School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University will celebrate virtually the 2021 annual John P.

COVID-19 has impacted lives across the globe in a variety of ways. Some have lost loved ones, others have lost their jobs or their homes, and many suffered isolation from friends and family.

Thirty years ago, clinical psychiatrist Jonathan Shay drew attention to similarities between the trauma experienced by Greek warriors, as documented in the epic poem “The Iliad,” and Vietnam vetera

Volunteers from the Phoenix Peace Corps Association and the Arizona State University community came together April 3 to build dozens of portable, digital Sola

Paradise Valley Mall, an icon of northeast Phoenix retail, has shu

Arizona State University, through Skysong Innovations, continues to achieve high rankings in technology transfer metrics.

On March 13, 2020, former President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, thus marking the beginning of the pandemic for many Americans.

According to Abhinav Acharya, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Arizona State University, “a single form of

To cap off its first year as a hub for human rights scholars at Arizona State University, the Global Human Rights Hub will host a virtual global conference, "Human Rights on the Edge: The Future of

For more than 25 years, award-winning political cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz has advocated for Latino and immigrant rights through his work.

Erin Agius has had a pretty rough year.

Preparing for life after birth can be intimidating, but it’s a comfort to know there are others who have been through it before and can help guide you along the way.

Given the sheer number of incarcerated individuals in the United States — the country with the highest incar

There’s something new this year for Indigenous Culture Week.

It’s the word “Indigenous.”

Samuel Ariaratnam, professor and chair of the construction engineering program in the Del E.

For a second year in row, ASU’s Social Embeddedness Network Conference was held virtually.

In the span of a century, students with autism have gone from being institutionalized in sanitariums to having careers in the STEM field.

Arizona State University has created a new advocacy course focused on human rights that’s being offered by Amnesty International to their staff in the Middle East and Northern Africa who are eager

Arizona State University is on the verge of making "herstory." Soon the university will for the first time have three women in the position of executive vice president.

Sustainability, a concept often thought of in simpler terms of the environment, is really a broader discipline that includes social justice and economic well-being.

Yamiche Alcindor, the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour and a political contributor to NBC News and MSNBC, will give the keynote address at the spring 2021 convocation of the Walter Cronki

Elizabeth Lightfoot will become the next director of the Arizona State University School of Social Work on July 1,

It was deep into 2020 when John Featherstone had a realization that stopped him in his tracks — there w


Is there anything more experimental than a seed?

Planting something in the ground and seeing what grows there?

On Feb. 18, the Perseverance rover landed on Mars to search for signs of ancient life and collect samples to return to Earth.

The newly named Sidney Poitier New American Film School is getting a new director – Dianah Wynter, who has a background in film, theater and television.

The good news, of course, is that more and more Arizonans are receiving COVID-19 vaccines, with tens of thousands getting vaccinated in parking lots at large sports stadiums.

Arizona State University has 14 graduate degree programs ranked in the top 10 nationwide, according to new rankings released by U.S. News & World Report.

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University continues to maintain its reputation as a premier law school, placing No. 25 overall in U.S.

The internet is open to everyone, and that democratization has a dark side. Disinformation is flourishing and affects everything from elections to public health.

The time for the mercury to begin creeping toward the triple digits in the Valley is nigh.

The International Center for Deep Life Investigation has announced that Arizona State University Assistant Professor 

The din of construction on the northeast corner of Garfield and Fifth streets in downtown Phoenix will soon give way to a flurry of activity as the researchers and entrepreneurs who will inhabit ha

How effective is clicker training? Do field trips reduce stress in shelter dogs?

Friends, colleagues and family members describe Daniel Jankowski as having been one of those unforgettable figures who, as the expression goes, “had quite a reputation.”

Adrienne Fairwell, a proven media leader with years of communications and public television experience, has been named general manager of Arizona PBS at Arizona Sta

Editor’s note: This story was developed in partnership with TGen and written by Steve Yozwiak, senior science writer at TGen. 

In order to develop more effective drugs against a range of cancers, researchers have been investigating the molecular structure of many disease-linked enzymes in the body.

While guidelines from the World Health Organization call for frequent handwashing, physical distancing and proper sanitation to limit the spread of COVID-19, a recent analysis shows how water

Dean Baquet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who is the first Black executive editor to lead both The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, emphasized the importance of deep and open-minded

Twenty-three music and dance faculty, students and alumni in Arizona State University's School of Music, Dance and Theatre are featured performers at the international Walled City Music Festival’s

“At least the play was good,” Mrs. Lincoln never said.

“I've always wanted to visit Europe,” said no one on D-Day.

“We get to swim!” said nobody on the Titanic.

Posting on Facebook doesn’t really accomplish much in the way of change. Lobbying politicians is a long haul. And laws change slowly.

Picture it: The year is 2025 and Arizona State University is the leading Fifth Wave University, seamlessly blending culture and innovation through research, teaching and learning.

Every day the ASU Sun Devil Fitness Center COVID-19 vaccination site inoculates hundreds of people thanks to the work of volunteers from the ASU community.

The Financial Times released its 2021 list of the best online MBA programs, and Arizona State University’s W. P.

Nearly 2 million people experience a traumatic brain injury in the United States every year. Just as each person is different, their injuries present in different ways.

Scientists from Arizona State University, who are a part of the Systematic Underwater Biogeochemical Science and Exploration Analog (SUBSEA) program, have pioneered a new approach to the scientific

Newsrooms would do well to embrace workplace issues surrounding LGBTQ rights, personal identity and creating more gender inclusive content because it leads to more accurate and nuanced coverage as

The Sidney Poitier New American Film School became its own entity in fall 2020.

The fight against food insecurity has grown in importance over the past decade, as a growing number of underserved communities are living in food deserts —  areas that have limited access to food t

Alexa — Amazon’s voice-activated smart assistant — has quickly risen in popularity as a household name for individuals and families across the world. 

Specialization has long been one of the primary allures of a college education.

C. (Charles) Austen Angell took what was ubiquitous and made it appear exotic.

The story of the Golden Buddha is one that not many know, but those who do aren’t likely to forget.

Through her extensive work in public education, Anna Cichopek-Gajraj exemplifies the dedication to community health embedded in Arizona State U

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a globally disruptive force to our human systems for over a year. 

Those who work with young people in the child welfare system occasionally will look up from that work and glance at the calendar, which reminds them that one day, every one of these children must l

When rain began falling in northern Georgia on Sept. 15, 2009, little did Atlantans know that they would bear witness to epic flooding throughout the city.

Arizona State University Associate Professor Gary Moore and his research team seek to understand and advance the science of molecular materials for applications in transducing solar energy.

American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI) Executive Director Traci Morris (Chickasaw Nation) is one of 25

In 2017, the first interstellar object from beyond our solar system was discovered via the Pan-STARRS astronomical observatory in Hawaii.

It’s been said that the eyes are the window into the soul. And sometime in the very near future, they may possibly be the window into your personal identification.

The Project on Ethics in Political Communication at The George Washington University and the Center for the

“Disruptive innovation,” a term coined by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen in 1995, describes the process by which

This year, the Arizona State University Department of Psychology is getting creative with their participation in Sun Devil Giving Day.

portrait of former U.S. Sen.</body></html>

Editor's note: In recognition of Women’s History Month, ASU is highlighting inspiring women and their stories.

The past year has brought on challenging new circumstances and called attention to existing social injustices.

We now know what the wind on Mars actually sounds like — to a robot’s “ears” a

One of the world’s foremost experts in paleoanthropology, Yohannes Haile-Selassie, known for major fossil discoveries in the African Rift Valley and extensive scholarship in human origins science,

In a year when performing artists’ careers are at a standstill, Ji Yeon Kim, who goes by Jiji, is finding ways to keep her creativity alive and

Editor's note: This story originally appeared in the spring 2021 issue of ASU Thrive magazine.

Editor's note: This story originally appeared in the spring 2021 issue of ASU Thrive magazine.

Over the past year, Arizona State University's Institute for Humanities Research Health

The ASU Interplanetary Initiative has announced their partnership with Slate

The no-appointment Devils’ drop-off service — the latest in Arizona State University's free, saliva-based COVID-19 testing — makes it

In 2020, Arizona State University's Frank Rhodes Lecture Series was redesigned to strengthen its strategy — questioning the status quo of higher education by b

State capitalism is on the rise, and those who defend a greater presence of the government in our economy are quick to point out botches by the private sector, such as the recent 

The Local spring series will feature artists from the community as they perform live on the ASU Gammage stage.

According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control, more than 5 million adults i

The Arizona State University community will come together March 18 for the annual Sun Devil Giving Day, a universitywide day of giving that has an extraordinary impact on causes at ASU. 

Arizona State University has been honored with the Slack in Education Award, as part of Slack’s first-ever Spotlight A

Double-masking, or wearing one mask over another, has been the subject of much recent media attention.

One year ago, the looming COVID-19 pandemic cut short Major League Baseball's spring training.

Bold. Inspirational. Fearless.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major stressor for America’s health care system.

Arizona State University Assistant Professor Kerry Geiler-Samerotte was recently named a recipient of the

Artificial intelligence is a "world-altering" technology that represents “the most powerful tools in generations for expanding knowledge, increasing prosperity and enriching the human experience” a

Early in February, small live events with the School of Music, Dance and Theatre’s Bachelor of Fine Arts candidates in dance took place at Arizona State University’s Margaret Gisolo Dance The

The Emirates Mars Mission, the first interplanetary exploration undertaken by an Arab nation, reached Mars’ orbit on Feb. 9, 2021.

Astronauts face many challenges to their health, due to the exceptional conditions of spaceflight.

This fall, Arizona State University’s Department of English and Arizona Center f

Members of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) elected Arizona State University criminal justice and sociology Professor Anthony Pegue

The Giant Magellan Telescope has announced fabrication of the sixth of seven of the world’s largest monolithic telescope mirrors.

Women around the world are realizing there is strength in numbers when they have shared challenges.

Deborah Helitzer got an early start thinking about health, fascinated from a very young age by why some people became ill while others stayed well. 

Arizona State University’s Institute for Humanities Research has announced Black feminist scholar and activist adrienne maree brown as the 2021 IHR Distinguished

The coronavirus pandemic, social unrest and economic turbulence defined 2020. The past year has also changed the entertainment industry dramatically — and perhaps permanently.

March 8 is International Women's Day, a time to champion gender equity and female empowerment around the globe and to ask ourselves what we can

Inventing critical devices that monitor health, unraveling the secrets of potentially game-changing proteins, building connections with clinical partners and nurturing the future STEM workforce — t

Arizona State University has announced the appointment of Jeffrey Kordower as the founding director of the ASU-Banner Neurodegenerative

The ASU Alumni Association Founders’ Day awards program honors the pioneering spirit of the institution’s founders and celebrates the innovations of alumni, faculty members and supporters of one of

K–12 students will have the opportunity to experience three incredible performance groups this semester as part of

Arizona State University’s commitment to the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves is embedded in its charter.

Outbreaks of E. coli and other sources of food contamination are frustratingly common.

Promising new research shows aerobic exercise may help slow memory loss for older adults living with Alzheimer’s dementia. 

It has been nearly a decade since Louise Erdrich’s novel “The Round House” first told the story of Joe Coutts, a 13-year-old boy living on an Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota who takes it upon hi

After one of the most tumultuous years – politically, socially and economically – in recent history, many Americans are finding themselves in a state of disenchantment.

In May 1968, 14-year-old Michael Polt arrived at New York Harbor via passenger ship after emigrating from Austria with his mother, sister and stepfather.

With decades of experience in diplomacy, negotiations, national security and leadership, retired U.S. State Department Ambassador Edward O’Donnell, retired Lt. Gen.

Arizona State University Associate Professor and Developmental Psychology Area Head Leah Doane was recently selected by the ASU Graduate

Can lunar exploration be peaceful?

It’s a subject worthy of being hashed out, a panel of experts thinks.


Emeritus Professor of history Peter James Iverson, 76, died on Feb.

Unlike countries with parliamentary systems, where governing with pluralities rather than majorities is the norm, the United States has only two major parties, meaning usually one or the other is i

Arizona State University’s Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy has a bevy of job titles and picked up a new one in February.

In a battle between a boar and a bobcat, who would win? What about between a group of Neandertals and a giant short-faced bear?

Arizona State University's School of Human Evolution and Social Change marked World Anthropology Day earlier this month, hosting a celebration on social media and a virtual movie night. 

It’s the year 1500. A buyer and a seller are haggling in the massive Aztec marketplace of Tlatelolco, over chiles, cacao beans or copal incense perhaps. It’s getting heated.

In the last 60,000 years, humans have emerged as an ecologically dominant species and have successfully colonized every terrestrial habitat.

A professor in ASU's School of International Letters and Cultures was recently awarded a prestigio

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University is offering a new online degree program for future students —

Anybody who has had the opportunity to hear Michael Eric Dyson speak will tell you how powerful an experience it can be.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and a leading voice in the national conversation on racial justice and police reform said he has no problem being called an activist as long as he is

About 45 million people have now received one or both doses of a coronavirus vaccine in the U.S., according to

In her novels, award-winning author and Arizona State University Professor Jewell Parker Rhodes often combines he

Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business is one of the nation’s most outstanding business schools, according to the Princeton Review. The education services company chose W. P.

Two Arizona State University research centers — the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center and the Center for Applied Behav

Tracing back a ghostly particle from a star-shredding supermassive black hole, scientists have uncovered a gigantic cosmic particle accelerator.

Despite the fact that conversations on race relations are more common today, many parents, guardians and educators from all races still feel uncomfortable having these talks with young children.

When Arizona State University’s film school was named after the legendar

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a broad term. It includes the techniques of machine learning and deep learning through which computers mimic the operation of the human brain.

United States Air Force Capt. Kyle McKelvey was injured severely in 2014, nearly ending his military career. The injury motivated him to explore other career options.

There is a pandemic. State and federal authorities clash over the timing, policies and efforts to check its spread. Hot spots arise in cities and states with lesser restrictions.

Ancient alchemists dreamed of transforming base materials like lead into gold and other valuable commodities.

2020 was a year of upheaval that brought attention to a wide range of areas in social injustice and inequity, from the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ movements to inequities in access to health care

Sometimes, when you’re stretched to the limit and you think you can’t go on, all it takes to bring you back to a state of equilibrium is a calming voice — and a little poetry.

Under the worst climate change scenarios, American cities, beginning with Miami, are already experiencing rising

A woman’s body shape — not only the amount of fat — is what drives stigma associated with overweight and obesity, according to a new study.