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Archived Committees

Committee on Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Abuse Resources

As a result of the passing of Senate Motion 2014-12 an Ad-Hoc Committee was developed to address the charge noted below: 

That the University Senate of Arizona State University supports the establishment of a clearly written protocol specifically addressing intimate partner violence and that this protocol be easily accessible to the university community on the University’s website.  The protocol should minimally include (1) specific steps one should take if one has experienced or is experiencing intimate partner violence and abuse;  (2) clear and specific definitions of intimate partner violence and abuse; (3) questions one should ask him/herself if he or she thinks he or she is in a violent or abusive relationship; (4) educational and employment sanctions statement; (5) assurances to individuals who report incidents of violence and abuse or who have been accused of intimate partner violence and abuse; (6) a statement regarding intolerance for false reporting and consequences of such; (7) statements regarding immunity for reporting and confidentiality; (8) the student and employee conduct process; and (9) list of resources for the university community. 

Committee Membership AY 2013-2014:

  • Tom Schildgen, Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Senate President 2013-2014
  • Dennis Bodman, T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics
  • Helene Ossipov, School of International Letters and Cultures
  • Chuck Barbee, University Senate Office
  • Allan Markus, ASU Health Services
  • Karen Moses, ASU Wellness
  • Jill Messing, School of Social Work
  • Sandra Mayol-Kreiser, College of Nutrition
  • Michele Rourke, ASU Police Department
  • Deborah Prewitt, Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management