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Archived Committees

Data Archive Work Group

In the fall semester of 2013 the Research and Creative Activities created the Data Archives Task Force subcommittee with the task of considering university policies toward the archiving of research data, including both data accessibility and infrastructure, particularly with regard to upcoming changes in federal policy toward data accessibility for funded research.

The specific charge to the Data Archives Work Group is:

to address and coordinate recommendations in the areas outlined in the remainder of this report (DATF Report found here). The working group should contain members representing a broad array of disciplines across the university, as well as potential representatives from units such as the University Technical Office (UTO), the ASU Libraries, the Office of Knowledge Enterprise and Development (OKED), the Internal Review Board (IRB), and the Provost’s Office. (Section IV.g of the appendix below contains comments and suggestions from ASU Libraries on this report that would be important for the DAWG to consider.)



  • Michael Rosenberg


  • Alvara Cerron-Palomino
  • Brenda Hosley
  • Deborah Abston
  • May Boggess
  • Frank Timmes
  • Sean Dudley
  • Bill Petuskey