Senator Spotlight December 2015

The December Senator Spotlight is on Danielle Wallace

What unit do you represent?  

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

How many years have you served on the Senate?

This is my third year.

How many years have you been employed at ASU?  What other institutions have you taught at before coming to ASU?  

I came to ASU from graduate school in 2009; I have taught at University of Illinois, Chicago and DePaul University, both in Chicago.

What is your research and/or creative activities focus?  

My research agenda is primarily focused on neighborhoods and crime, crime and health, and policing.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Senate? 

As a new assistant professor, I needed to begin to get involved in university-level service, but really didn’t understand how to. When the Senate position in my department opened, I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved.

Describe what you have learned during your time on the Senate. 

The most important thing I’ve learn is simply how the university works. Outside of my department, had no idea how a university the size of ASU functioned. While being a senator, I’ve learned so much about ASU. For those new professors, it’s an amazing way to gain insight into your work place.

What committees have you participated in, or would like to participate in and what were you able to (or hope to) accomplish.  

Right now, I’m on the Student – Faculty Policy Committee. There are some very important issues we are tackling right now, such as recommendations for faculty’s social media presence. We are facing new issues every day, especially those related to technology, that change the dynamics of faculty-student relationships; I’m happy that I am a part of that conversation at ASU.

What would you say to your peers who might be considering accepting a nomination or nominating themselves for a position on the Senate?

I would whole heartedly recommend joining the Senate! They’ll have to wait for me to give up my seat first though!

Any final comments you might have.

This has been fun!