Senator Spotlight January 2017

This month's Senator Spotlight is on Chris Kyselka

What unit do you represent? 

I am the Secretary of the Academic Assembly and University Senate.  However, I work for The Polytechnic School, Fulton Schools of Engineering.

How many years have you served on the Senate? 

I have served for five years in my current roles although my interest in the Senate began long ago, first as a substitute which sparked my interest to learn more about the Senate.  I later jumped at the chance to participate in a work group on shared governance.

How many years have you been employed at ASU? 

I am in my 27th year at ASU.  Before that, I earned both baccalaureate and graduate degrees from ASU.  I can only see maroon and gold.

What other institutions have you taught at before coming to ASU?

I started teaching right here at ASU.

What is your research and/or creative activities focus? 

I have always been a champion of bridging the gap between higher education and students in underrepresented groups.  My current research focus is on diversity and STEM.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Senate?

I was pleased to be asked to serve as a committee co-chair five years ago.  Before that, the work with colleagues as part of a shared governance work group helped me understand the role the Senate plays in shaping future of the university.  I wanted to find a way to contribute. 

Describe what you have learned during your time on the Senate. 

I’ve gained many insights into how the University works and have been impressed by the dedication and commitment of faculty, staff and employees to benefit students.  The Senate’s endeavors are focused on student success and educating highly capable individuals who can make a difference in the world. 

What committees have you participated in, or would like to participate in and what were you able to (or hope to) accomplish.

I serve as chair of the Committee on Committees as well as participate on taskforces and working groups.  The Committee on Committees facilitates the annual Academic Assembly elections; as such, it works to identify future leaders at the campus and university level.  It is gratifying to encourage others at the university to engage, serve, and make a difference.

What would you say to your peers who might be considering accepting a nomination or nominating themselves for a position on the Senate?

The Senate offers faculty and academic professionals the opportunity to have a say and be part of what happens at the University.  I would encourage anyone who is interested to participate, especially if you have not been a part of the Senate before.  Serving on the Senate presents opportunity for faculty and academic professionals to come together as a community to share ideas and opinions to influence the direction of the university.

Any final comments you might have.

Over the years, I have learned from and had the chance to serve along with many dedicated, interesting colleagues.  I’m grateful for the chance to work with outstanding academic leaders to make ASU a better place.