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Task Force on Institutional Ethics and Integrity at ASU


After reviewing the existing policies for ethics and integrity, the previous efforts of the Senate 2004 and 2011 Ad Hoc Committees, and most recently the second section of the 2013 Accreditation Self-Study, the task force will define the desired culture of institutional ethics and integrity at Arizona State University. The task force will outline institutional expectations that embody what is to be the shared understanding of ethics and integrity, using the greatest denominator of the existing policies that have been created for different institutional purposes. The task Force will identify ways to communicate the message as it applies to all institutional constituents, from faculty research and scholarship, to graduate students, undergraduate students, international students that have varied cultural backgrounds, student athletes, and distance learners that do not come to campus. Issues related to amorous relations between faculty members, staff employees, and students should be addressed as well. Perhaps the ultimate effort and charge for this task force is to define and promote an organizational culture that embraces ethics and integrity specific to the Arizona State University brand. This message needs to be communicated to each of these institutional participants when they arrive for either a program of study or employment. A cross media campaign will be used to deliver the message of Institutional Ethics and Integrity to the faculty, staff, and students of Arizona State University.


Representation of the Graduate College, four campus representatives, International Student Office, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development, Intercollegiate Athletics , Educational Outreach and Student Services, University Staff, Administrative Advisor, and University Senate Office representation. The Co-chairs for the task force will be from the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics.


  • Cristi Coursen, ASU Downtown Phoenix campus, Lincoln Center Fellow
  • Jason Scott Robert, Interim Director, Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics


  • Eric Wertheimer, Graduate Education
  • Martin Matustik, ASU West campus
  • Catherine Skoglund, ASU Polytechnic campus, Staff
  • Michael Mokwa, ASU Tempe campus ¬†
  • Debra Murphy, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
  • Gary Grossman, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Kevin Cook, Educational Outreach and Student Services
  • Jennifer Glawson, International Students and Scholars Office
  • Chuck Barbee, University Senate Office
  • Benjamin Freakley, Senior Advisor to the President