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Filing a Grievance

To officially submit a grievance you should open the documents below, type in the information and print it out so that it can accompanying your entire packet.  Office Hours M-F 8:00am-4:00pm

Note to faculty, the grievance service request guide should be reviewed, before developing and submitting the information requested in the Grievance Service Request (GSR) form. 

Important note, per ACD policy, All grievances must be submitted to either a member of the Ombudsperson Committee or the Clearinghouse Committee within 30 days* of the occurrence of the action that forms the basis of the complaint.

Documents Used to Initiate a Faculty Grievance

Document Used to Initiate an Academic Professional Grievance

Once your grievance has been submitted, you will be contacted by the chairperson of the Grievance Clearnghouse committee on whether your grievance has been assigned, and if so, to which committee.

Please Note: ACD Policy does not currently allow for a Grievance Service Request to be submitted via e-mail. Certified mail, return receipt requested or hand-delivery to the Senate office are the two acceptable delivery options. .  

Guidance for navigating the grievance process can be found under ACD 509-01509-02 and 509-03


*As defined in the Academic Affairs Manual (ACD).