Grievance Clearinghouse Committee

Purpose and Functions

Upon written request of a grievant(s), the committee shall decide which one of the two grievance committees (noted above) shall hear the grievance. Jurisdictional decisions shall be made with all members present and shall be based on state law, Board of Regents’ policies, and university rules and regulations, including guidelines of the respective grievance committees. However, the grievant(s) or respondent may ask the committee to reconsider its assignment; any decision after such reconsideration is final.

Annually, in advance of the April meeting of the University Senate, the Clearinghouse Committee shall submit to the UAC a report containing a summary of its actions and that of each of the two committees, along with any recommendations for changes in the system. The UAC shall submit the report to the University Senate at the April meeting, along with any additional recommendations it may have for any changes in the system. The UAC shall also submit the report to the university president.

Membership Guidelines

The committee shall be composed of the chairs of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure and the Governance Grievance Committee. These two chairs shall be appointed by the UAC from among the committee and board members and shall serve a one-year term.

The chair of the Clearinghouse Committee shall be appointed by the UAC. The chair will serve one year.

Roster 2024-2025


  • Mary Burleson, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, West Valley campus, 2025
  • H.L.T. Quan, Justice and Social Inquiry in the School of Social Transformation, Tempe  campus, 2025