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University Senate Executive Committee

Purpose and Function

  • to prepare the agenda for meetings of the University Senate. Each agenda shall reserve time for the university president to bring matters to the senate and for reports from senate committees
  • to facilitate the actions of the senate as it acts upon faculty and academic professional business
  • to evaluate continuously the committee structure of the senate and of the university, and to recommend improvements thereof to the senate
  • to provide advice to the UAC and to senate committee chairs, and to coordinate their functions
  • to direct pending business of the senate to the appropriate committee(s)
  • to perform other functions as the senate and UAC may direct.

Membership Guidelines

  • ex officio voting members: the members of the UAC, the secretary of the University Senate, the parliamentarian of the University Senate, the chairs of University Senate standing committees
  • ex officio nonvoting members: the university president, the provost of the university, a representative of Undergraduate Student Government, and the president of the Graduate and Professional Students Association
  • the chair of the UAC or his or her designee shall preside.

Roster 2018-2019

Donna Cataldo, Senate President and Chair of the UAC

Downtown Phoenix campus:

Polytechnic campus:

Tempe campus:

West campus:


Secretary for the Academic Assembly:

2018-2019  Senate Standing Committee Chairs:


Ex officio non-voting members:

  •  University President
  •  University Provost
  • Graduate and Professional Students Association Representative
  •  Undergraduate Student Representative