Online Education Task Force 2019-2020

Task Force Goal: Maintain ASU’s leadership in online higher education through deepening faculty involvement and commitment.


The task force will determine the breadth of current online education usage across ASU; evaluate the spectrum of financial incentives for both the development and teaching of campus immersion online courses and digital immersion online courses; and, compile both faculty and administrative perspectives on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of online education at ASU.

Based on the above information, the task force will present best practices, available resources and make additional recommendations for further strengthening ASU’s online offerings, capabilities, and reach.


September 2017 Task force members selected
October 2017 Task force meets and begins working
Spring 2018/Fall 2018 The task force has been extended into the fall semester of 2018.  The Senate anticipates a full report and recommendation by the end of this semester.  Click here to review the interim report

Membership roster and support personnel

Chairperson: TBD

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