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Archived Committees

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Archived Committees

Each year the University Senate will constitute a variety of task forces and ad hoc committees. The purpose of each of these committees is to study a policy or issue that is of current interest or need within the University. Task forces and ad hoc committees usually run for one academic year, but can be maintained for additional time if warranted. University Senate task forces and ad hoc committees are normally comprised of Senators, faculty members, academic professionals, administrators, students and staff.



2015-2016 Closed committees




2013-2014 Closed committees

Task Force on Institutional Ethics and Integrity at ASU

Committee on Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Abuse Resources

Constitution and Bylaws Review Task Force

Ad-hoc Committee on New Course Proposals Review Process


2012-2013 Closed committees

Constitution and Bylaws Review Task Force

New UAC Governance Model Task Force