Constitution and Bylaws Review Task Force: 2016-2017


The University Senate Constitution mandates a review of the University Senate articles and bylaws once every four years. This task force is being constituted to satisfy this requirement. 

The bylaws review task force should evaluate each of the articles and bylaws making up the University Senate Constitution (ACD 112-01) and, as appropriate, recommend change to the University Senate. The task force members are asked to evaluate the current effectiveness of the ASU University Senate governance system, both in its mechanism of makeup, and the operational components outlined within the constitution itself. While the task force is expected to look critically at the current constitution, there is no mandate for change if it is not warranted.

Timeline (estimated)

The bylaws review task force should complete its work by January 19, 2017 so that any potential recommendations that need to receive Senate and/or Academic Assembly review and/or vote can be accomplished prior to the end of the 2016 – 17 academic year.


  • Chris Kyselka
  • Edward Oetting
  • Stefania Tracogna
  • Sandra Mayol-Kreiser
  • Ann Maceachron
  • Denise Bodman
  • Kathleen Puckett
  • Shirley Rose, chair

Ex officio membership

  • Chuck Barbee, Director University Senate office