University Services and Facilities Committee

Purpose and functions

To serve in an advisory capacity in the study, clarification, and formulation of policy and procedures in areas affecting the university, including:

  • Strategic planning, annual budget planning, and allocation of university resources
  • Technology transfer policies, including patents and copyrights
  • University services and facilities, including parking services, the libraries, and computing services
  • Information services, including information gathering and dissemination on issues affecting higher education, faculty, and academic professionals
  • Public relations initiatives, including those of the university’s public relations units, the ASU Foundation, and the Alumni Association.

Membership Guidelines

  • Elected members: 11 senators, including representation from each of the campuses. The committee should have representation from tenure/tenure eligible as well as non-tenure eligible faculty
  • Ex officio: the university president, the provost of the university, the executive vice president, treasurer, and chief financial officer of the university, and the chair of the UAC or their designees
  • The term of elected members shall be two years. One half of the elected members shall be replaced each year.

Roster 2023-2024



  • Nisa Goksel, School of Social and Behavioral Science, West campus 2024
  • Bruno Welfert, School of Mathematical and Statistical Science, Tempe campus 2024
  • Kevin Langergraber, Human Evolution and Social Change, Tempe campus 2024
  • Thomas Sharp, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Tempe campus 2024
  • Laverne Dacosta, CISA - School of Applied Sciences and Arts, Polytechnic campus 2025
  • Rochus Boerner, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Tempe campus 2025
  • Tonya Penkrot, CISA - School of Applied Sciences and Arts, Downtown Phoenix campus 2025

Ex officio members:

  • Michael Crow, University President
  • Greg Stone, University Senate President