Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure

Purpose and Functions

  • The committee shall follow the policies and procedures for grievances established in ABOR Policy 6-201 and ASU policy ACD 509–02, “Grievance Policy for Faculty.”
  • the committee shall investigate alleged infringements upon the academic freedom or tenure of faculty members
  • the committee shall hear cases assigned to it by the Clearinghouse Committee
  • the committee shall deal with dismissal and disability status.

Membership Guidelines

  • Twelve members: six from the Tempe campus and two each from the Downtown campus, the Polytechnic campus and the West campus. Members shall be elected by the Academic Assembly from among tenured professors and tenured associate professors. Assembly members may vote only for those nominees for their campus. The term shall be three years, one-third of the elected members to be replaced each year. Members may not hold administrative positions at the level of department chair or above.

Roster 2023-2024

Chair:Jill Messing, School of Social Work, Downtown Phoenix campus,2026


  • Barbara Kinach, MLF Teachers College, Polytechnic campus 2026
  • Shawn Jordan, Engineering, Polytechnic campus 2026
  • Hilde Hoogenboom, School of International Letters and Cultures, Tempe campus 2026
  •  Richard Newhauser, English, Tempe campus 2026
  • Joe Lockard, English, Tempe campus 2026
  • Alan Gomez, School of Social Transformation, Tempe campus 2025
  • Majia Nadesan, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences , West campus 2024
  • Mary Burleson, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, West campus 2026
  • Pamela Swan, College of Health Solutions, Downtown Phoenix campus 2024
  • Aaron Hess,  College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, Downtown Phoenix campus 2024
  • Hilary Harp, School of Art, Tempe campus 2025
  • Stephen Bokenkamp, School of International Letters and Cultures, Tempe campus 2025

Ex officio:

  • President of the University Senate

To officially submit a grievance, please go to Filing a Grievance.