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Student-Faculty Policy Committee

Purpose and Functions

To serve in a policy-forming and advising capacity in matters governing student conduct, consistent with the Rules for Maintenance of Public Order and the Student Code of Conduct, in matters concerning student organizations, and in other matters related to students, including: 

  • Undergraduate and graduate admission and readmission policies and procedures
  • Registration, graduation requirements, grading policies, scheduling, withdrawal policies, course load maximums, and program of study filing requirements
  • Student activities related to academic development, including: advisement, counseling, and academic organizations
  • Policy development with respect to student-faculty-administration relationships
  • Review of organized extra-classroom activities to assess their continued effective relation to university academic goals
  • Policy development with respect to academic integrity
  • Review of undergraduate education, including teaching in a research institution.

Membership Guidelines

  • Elected: 11 senators, including representation from each of the campuses. The committee should have representation from tenure/tenure eligible as well as non-tenure eligible faculty
  • Ex officio nonvoting members: the university president, the provost of the university, the chair of the UAC, the dean of Student Affairs, and one representative each from Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Students Association, or their designees
  • The term of elected members shall be two years. One-half of the elected members shall be replaced each year.

Roster 2022-2023


  • Sarah Bolmarcich, School of International Letters and Cultures, Tempe campus 2023


  • Douglas Wilkey, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Downtown Phoenix campus 2024
  • Aribidesi Usman, Social Transformation, Tempe campus 2024
  • Whitney Hansen, Psychology, Tempe campus 2024
  • Ted Ng, Edson College, Downtown Phoenix campus 2024
  • Adela Grando, College of Health Solutions, Downtown Phoenix campus 2023 
  • Chad Westover, Graphic Information Technology, Polytechnic campus 2023
  • Michelle Hale, American Indian Studies, Tempe campus 2023
  • Josef Burgstaller, School of Music, Dance and Theatre, Tempe campus 2023
  • Xin Wei Sha, School of Arts, Media + Engineering, Tempe campus 2023
  • Donald Frost, W. P. Carey School of Accountancy, West campus 2023

Ex officio non-voting members:

  • Michael M. Crow, University President
  • Nancy Gonzales, Executive Vice President and University Provost
  • Penny Ann Dolin, Chair of the UAC
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • One representative each from Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Students Association, or their designee