Committee on Committees

Purpose and functions

  • To nominate faculty and academic professionals to:
  1. Senate committees other than the committees on Curriculum and Academic Programs Committee (CAPC)
  2. Standing university committees and boards
  3. Campus president-elects
  • To forward to the University Senate nominations for membership on committees which, whenever possible, shall exceed the number of vacancies. The University Senate may nominate additional candidates from the floor
  • To forward nominations for other committees to the appropriate authority, which shall make the appointment(s) from the nominees recommended
  • To nominate faculty and academic professionals to fill temporary vacancies on committees described in (a) above. The UAC shall make appointments from among the nominees to fill the position for the remainder of the term
  • To nominate faculty and academic professionals to serve on administratively initiated committees, task forces, presidential committees, or other positions needing Academic Assembly representation
  • To ensure that diverse areas of the university are represented on committees whenever feasible
  • To provide for continuity in committee membership, consistent with the concept of rotation
  • To supervise elections in the senate.

Membership Guidelines

  • Elected: seven senators, including representation from each of the campuses, and one academic professional from any campus. The committee should have representation from tenure/tenure eligible as well as non-tenure eligible faculty
  • Ex officio voting members: University Senate president and the campus presidents
  • Ex officio nonvoting members: the university president, the provost of the university, or their designees
  • The term of the elected members shall be two years. One-half of the elected members shall be replaced each year.

Roster 2023-2024


  • David Burel, CISA –Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, Polytechnic campus 2025


Campus Presidents (ex officio voting members):

Ex officio (non-voting):

  • Michael M. Crow, University President
  • Nancy Gonzales, Executive Vice President and University Provost