Academic Professional Grievance Committee

Purpose and Function

To hear grievance cases brought forward by Academic Professionals at ASU.  The operation and scope of the committee is found in ACD 509–03, “Grievance Policy for Academic Professionals.”

  • There has been a violation, a misinterpretation, an arbitrary or discriminatory application of university policy, regulation or procedure relating to the privileges, responsibilities, or terms and conditions of employment of the academic professional.
  • The academic professional has been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, other protected veteran status, newly recently separated veteran status, Vietnam-era veteran status, and/or special disabled veteran status.
  • There has been an infringement on the academic or professional freedom of the academic professional. 

Membership Guidelines

  • The Academic Professional Grievance Committee shall be composed of seven elected regular members. Members of the Committee shall be elected from academic professionals with continuing appointment at the university and those at the level of dean, associate or assistant dean shall be excluded from serving on the committee. Members shall be elected for a period of three years with staggered terms.
  • The APGC shall elect its own chair at the end of the academic year to serve during the following year. 

Roster 2023-2024


  • Chris Kyselka, The Polytechnic School, Polytechnic campus, 2024


To officially submit a grievance, please go to Filing a Grievance.