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University Senate Personnel Committee

Purpose and functions

To serve in a policy-forming and advising capacity in the study, clarification, and formulation of policies and procedures affecting faculty and academic professionals as specified in the constitution, including but not limited to:

  • University programs for faculty development in research and training
  • Faculty promotion and tenure review policies and practices
  • Faculty employment policies and practices including hiring and affirmative action
  • Salary and compensation review policies
  • Grievance policy and procedures
  • Sabbatical or other leaves of absence
  • Retirement and health care policies.

Membership Guidelines

  • Elected: 12 senators, including representation from each of the campuses and one additional member that must be an academic professional with full-time multi-year, probationary or continuing appointment status. The committee should have representation from tenure/tenure eligible as well as non-tenure eligible faculty
  • Ex officio nonvoting members: the university president, the provost of the university, and the chair of UAC or their designee.
  • The term of the elected members shall be two years. One-half of the elected members shall be replaced each year.

Roster 2021-2022



  • Brad Vogus, Engagement and Learning Services, West campus 2022
  • Stephen Toth, Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, West campus 2022
  • Christofer Bang,  School of Life Sciences, 
  • Susanna Fishel, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Tempe campus 2022
  • Eric Welch, School of Public Affairs, Downtown Phoenix campus 2022
  • Mark Manfredo, Morrison School of Agribusiness, Polytechnic campus 2022
  • Christopher Sharp, School of Social Work, Downtown Phoenix campus 2023
  • Eva Brumberger, Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication, Polytechnic campus 2023
  • Carlyn Ludlow, Division of Teacher Preparation, Tempe campus 2023
  • Daniel McIntosh, W. P. Carey Marketing, Tempe campus 2023
  • Jodi Swanson, School of Social and Family Dynamics, Tempe campus 2023

Ex officio non-voting members:

  • Michael M. Crow, University President
  • Nancy Gonzales, Executive Vice President and University Provost
  • Eduardo Pagán, Chair of the UAC