Senator Spotlight November 2023

YOUR NAME: Sangmi Lee

What unit do you represent?  

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSBS), New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (NCIAS), West Valley campus

How many years have you served in the Senate?

This is my sixth year.

How many years have you been employed at ASU?

This is also my sixth year.

What other institutions have you taught at before coming to ASU?

I previously taught at Seoul National University, South Korea.

What is your research and/or creative activities focus?  

My research has focused on examining globally dispersed populations such as Hmong and their various transnational socioeconomic relationships and cultural exchanges across national borders. Based on extensive ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative research methods, I am interested in the complex situations of diasporic communities that are subject to continued national power as ethnic minorities in many contemporary societies. At the same time, I also demonstrate the ongoing efforts of migrant minorities to retain their unique cultural identities and how they successfully integrate their ethnic cultures into different national contexts and identities.

Why did you decide to get involved with the Senate?

Joining the University Senate was recommended by senior faculty as a great opportunity to represent my unit and learn about university governance.

Describe what you have learned (or hope to learn) during your time in the Senate?

I have learned about collaborative efforts behind the scenes at all levels and across the university to make each and every form of governance function properly and coherently.

What committees have you participated in, or would like to participate in and what were you able to (or hope to) accomplish

I have served on the University Services and Facilities Committee (USFC) during my first term. I am currently on the Committee on Committees starting this semester.

What would you say to your peers who might be considering accepting a nomination or nominating himself or herself for a position in the University Senate?

The experience at the University Senate is valuable. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the various exciting activities and achievements of ASU as a whole outside my home campus. It is also great to get to know fellow senators from all campuses about the schools and roles that they represent.

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